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  • Fluted Croustade Iron in the style of a Swedish Timbale iron

Fluted Croustade Iron in the style of a Swedish Timbale iron

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Shropshire made, Fluted Croustade iron 

If you're a chef who needs a double or quadruple version, please give us a call on 01746 862781.
A fluted croustade iron is the perfect way to make deep fried canapé shells and this one is in the style of a Swedish Timbale iron.
It's not a new idea, basic croustade irons have been used for years in Scandinavia making traditional sweet and savoury batter shells. This has been rediscovered by a new generation of modern British chefs who are using this classic technique to produce a very exciting way of presenting flavours and textures, we've seen them used to make canapés, starters, amuse bouches, desserts and confectionery.

It's made from......

The batter form is made by our toolmaker friend Richard and is machined from a solid bar of aluminium.
Ryan then hand polishes the form to ensure each shell releases easily.
Using a stainless steel bolt we attach the form to a Netherton Foundry 3mm thick black iron handle.
The durable 99.1% pure iron handle is pre-seasoned with flax oil for a natural non-stick finish & easy to clean.
We then add our signature hand made, British oak handle covers with brass fixings.

How do you use it:

Note: the pictures below are of our regular shaped Croustade iron, this fluted version is used in the same way and you can use the same recipes. 

To make the shells, first you will need to make a batter, see below for some recipe advice.
Add your chosen oil to a depth of 1½inch ( 4cm)  in a saucepan, a Netherton Foundry 6 inch saucepan is perfect for this, alternatively use an electric deep fat fryer. 
Heat the oil up to frying temperature, this will vary depending on the oil you choose but we suggest not less than 160ºC and a maximum of 200º centigrade (320º to 390º Fahrenheit).
We recommend using a high temperature frying oil such as sunflower, corn, soybean, rapeseed (canola) or peanut oil. We do not recommend flax seed, nut or olive oils for deep frying. 
Once the oil is up to temperature, pre-heat the croustade iron in the hot oil for about 15 seconds.
Then dip the croustade form into the batter up to the level of the shoulder.
Now place the croustade iron into the oil up to the top of the form.
Hold it here until the shell batter is golden brown, this will take around a minute. 
Remove from oil and immediately remove the fried shell from the form using a clean cloth, remember the form will be very hot and will burn you if touched. 
Note: You may also read about croustade shells described as cases and cups. 

Netherton Foundry croustade iron used in the Great British menu kitchen


Weight 0.34kg (12 oz).
The total length of the form and handle is 40cm (16 inches).
This makes a croustade shell 3cm (1  inch) in diameter and 2cm (¾ inch) deep. 
We also have these croustade irons if you plan to make lots of shells.
Double croustade iron                          Quadruple croustade iron

Why does Netherton Foundry make croustade irons?

Simple, we were asked to by a couple of very talented chefs!
We love working with creatives with great ideas. In 2020 we made our first Croustade Iron for Simon Martin at Mana, Manchester, this was very much a one off and was essentially a copy of a traditional iron.
 A croustade shell made with pigs blood batter and the finished canapé with ham from Mana, Manchester,
In 2021, Luke from JÖRO, Sheffield asked us to produce first a single, a double and finally a quadruple croustade iron.  Clearly we needed to think big, so we developed a truly Netherton Foundry solution. 
JÖRO croustade with a shell batter from the recipe below.

The croustade iron is the perfect way to make canapé shells.

Watch them being dipped and fried in 45 seconds.

A JÖRO Croustade recipe.

This recipe was developed and kindly shared to us by Luke French, Chef Director of JÖRO, Sheffield
Dry Ingredients:
125g flour
15g caster sugar
13g salt
15g crytex (can be omitted)
Wet ingredients:
63g whole egg
168g beer 
50g mineral water
15g clarified melted butter
1. Using a hand blender, combine all the wet and dry ingredients until it becomes a smooth batter.
2. Pass through a fine sieve and rest, covered in the refrigerator, ideally overnight. 
3. Remove any foam from the top before dipping the hot croustade iron into the batter. 
4. Dip pre-heated iron into the batter and fry at 180°c until golden and crispy.
5. Drain on tempura paper and use straight away, or keep in an airtight tub or dehydrator until needed.
For the cheese custard:
50g whole milk
50g double cream
50g rich golden egg yolk
3g table salt
0.5g kappa carageenean
100g grated cheese of your choice (Suggest aged cheddar)
1. Combine all of ingredients (except the cheese) in a thermomix and heat to 90c on speed 4.
2. Add the cheese and blend until melted and thickened.
3. Pour into piping bags and reserve.
For the onion ketchup:
250g pickled onion liquid (we make this ourselves but you can use store bought)
3g agar agar
1. Combine all of the ingredients in a pan and season to taste if needed with salt/sugar/vinegar. Bring to a boil whilst whisking.
2. Boil whilst whisking for 1 minute.
3. Pour into a cold tray and allow to set hard in the fridge.
4. Blend to a fine gel and pass through a fine sieve to remove any lumps.
5. Vacuum pac to remove any air form the ketchup.
7. Reserve in a squeeze bottle in the fridge.
For the onion vinegar:
4 large white onions
25 year aged balsamic vinegar
1. Peel and quarter the onions and place in the OCOO double pressure cooker and cook on ‘essence' setting for 6 hours.
2. Reserve in the pressure cooker on the ‘keep warm’ setting for 3 days.
3. Remove the onions and the liquid from the OCOO and discard the onions and keep the liquid.
4. Reduce the liquid very slowly until it begins to caramelise.
5. Remove the onion caramel from the heat and add the vinegar to taste.
6. Reserve in a squeeze bottle in the fridge.
For the crispy onions:
1 banana shallot
1% table salt (1% weight of final diced shallot)
vegetable cooking oil
1. Peel and finely dice the shallot.
2. Weigh the diced shallot and toss in 1% salt and leave to cure for 5 minutes.
3. Wash the diced shallot until the water runs clear.
4. Place into a clean cloth and squeeze out all excess water, pat dry.
5. Place the cured, washed and dried shallot into a saucepan and cover with cooking oil and heat until the shallots become crispy and golden, whisking now and again to ensure they don’t stick to the bottom of the pan or burn, and they stay individual.
6. Drain and place on tempura paper and keep in the dehydrator or an airtight tub until needed.
To garnish:
Freshly chopped chives, spring onion or other green onion 
Wild garlic flowers
Assemble all the elements above:
Croustade shells
Pickled onion ketchup
Onion vinegar
Crispy shallots 
Warm cheese custard
Freshly chopped chives
Wild garlic flowers 
1. Place a blob of pickled onion ketchup into the bottom of each of the croustade shells.
2. Place 3 drops of onion caramel over the ketchup.
3. Place a sprinkle of crispy shallots over.
4. Pipe in the cheese custard until it fills the shell.
5. Cover with the chives and place a garlic flower on top and then serve immediately.

The Netherton Foundry Croustade iron was developed with the assistance of Luke French at JÖRO.

JÖRO [ Yoro ] meaning ‘Earth’ - in Old Norse, opened on 21st December 2016 and is headed up by owners husband & wife, Chef Director Luke French & Managing Director Stacey Sherwood-French. The restaurant Is made entirely from upcycled shipping containers on the ground floor of Krynkl in Kelham Island, Sheffield. A steel building in the heart of the once fully industrial quarter of the steel city! Check the menu, find out more and make a reservation here.
JÖRO  0.2 - 0.5 Krynkl, 294 Shalesmoor, Sheffield, S3 8US  E:  Tel: +44 (0) 114 299 1539 
Lizzie Frainier wrote about JÖRO in the Daily Telegraph: 
10 / 10  Food and Drink: Naturally, this is where JÖRO really shines, with a choice of five-, eight- or 10-course tasting menus that combine Nordic and Asian flavour profiles with aplomb. An amuse-bouche of Montgomery cheddar and onion croustade delivers a rich and savoury explosion of cheese that sets the tone for the punchy dishes that follow. Highlights on my visit included a sweet, fat Orkney island scallop, caramelised on the plancha (grill), and topped with scallop roe, puffed jasmine rice, and a riotous red curry sauce; as well as the tender West Country venison adorned with celeriac spheres and fiery mustard, matched to an Austrian Judith Beck Ink wine with notes of cherry and a satisfyingly smoky finish. 
Sometimes breakfast the next day after a particularly excellent meal can be a disappointment – not here. A breakfast hamper is done up to the nines with only the best ingredients on offer. Freshly baked white and wholemeal croissants come from the restaurant, but there’s also slices of London Cure Smoked Salmon, Lishman’s delicate cured meats, ooey-gooey Loire Valley Comte and more.  Read the whole review on-line here

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