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Making, finishing and riveting pan handles.

Once we've spun the pan body we need to make the handle:
Netherton Foundry makes black iron handles in 12 different shapes and sizes. We put two bends into most pan handles. The first bend acurateley fits the diameter and slope of the pan body. The second bend provides the handle angle which is chosen to match the pan size, weight and use. 
After shaping, we remove all the sharp edges from the handles using our vibrating tumbling machine. This tumbles the handles against rocks for 8 hours until they are clen and smooth.
First we punch holes in the spun pan body:
We use one of our vintage fly-press for this. This takes a suprisingly large amount of force as the sides of the pan are now wrought from the spinning process, it makes a very satisfying "ping" when the punch slices through the metal.
Finally the handle is riveted onto the pan body using annealed solid iron rivets. It's important to us that each rivet head is formed in a perfect mushroom shape. We are looking to create no splits in the metal head to ensure the joint is as tough as we can make it, we want you to be handing this pan onto the next generation.  

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