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Crafting and branding oak handle covers then assembling and wrapping pans for despatch

Crafting and branding Netherton Foundry oak handle covers

All of our wooden knobs and handles are made from oak, some of it coming less than 20 miles from forest to factory. And like all our materials, the oak is treated with due respect. First we drill the holes that will allow us to fix the handles to the pans. Then we brand it with the Netherton logo – each one is done by hand and each one is unique. Natural wax oil is applied to protect and preserve the wood. The final operation of this stage is the addition of the brass inserts, which will hold the screws in place.

Finally we assemble, wrap and pack a Netherton Foundry pan ready for despatch to cooks worldwide.

We have reached the final stages of the pans' passage through the workshops, where Mandy and Nataley complete the final assembly operations and carefully pack the pans ready to send out direct to your doorstep.

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