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Frequently Asked Questions


Which pan does Diana Henry use in her new book "FROM THE OVEN TO THE TABLE".?
We can confirm she principally uses a Netherton Foundry 12 inch Prospector Pan , that's the two handled iron pan....and yes we love the recipes, our favourite is on page 84, butter-roast aubergines and tomatoes with freekeh and koch-kocha. Diana also uses one of our long handled 10 inch oven safe frying pans on page 14.


How heavy are Netherton foundry spun iron pans?
Cast iron is heavy, there are no ways around it but our spun iron pans are about half the weight of cast iron pans of the same sizes, simply because we can spin the black iron much thinner than we cast it yet still retain the great thermal properties or iron. The weight of all of our products is included in the product description on the website. We do use cast iron for recipe book stands, food presses and some decorative items where weight is an advantage. 
How do we measure our frying pans?
We measure the diameter of the pan across the top rim  to describe the size.
For example, if you put a ruler across the widest part of the top rim of our: 8’’ (20cm) Spun Iron Frying Pan NFS-111, it will measure 8 inches. If you look on the page for each product you will also find the other dimensions such as the base diameter (useful to know which ring it will fit on your hob) , pan height and weight . Our pans are made by hand and so measurements are approximate and no two are identical.
Will my pan be ok on an open fire or in a wood fired oven?
Absolutely, that's one of the great advantages of iron. 
Top tip: to keep pans flat always heat up the pan slowly from cold.
Can I use the pan on induction?
Yes, our spun black iron is very magnetic so works exceptionally well on all induction hobs.
However all Netherton pan are hand made, so each one is unique. They will not all be as flat as a billiard table.
To maintain pan flatness and warranty cover, follow these steps:
Every time you use the pan heat SLOWLY from a LOW setting, before selecting high or full power. 
Use a hob/ring the same size as the pan base, small hobs/rings will warp big pans. 
Never drop a hot pan into cold water, this will buckle it.
Are pre-seasoned pans non-stick?
Seasoned pans don't have the same characteristics as those with chemical non-stick coatings. Unlike PTFE style coatings that get worse with use, the non stick properties of our seasoned pans improve with use; the more you use them the better they get. You will need oil/butter in the pan for cooking omelettes and fried eggs. If you are cooking sausages and bacon, the chances are that you will not need any additional fat, as the fat in the food will be sufficient and will also help to build up the patina of your pan surface. If you are cooking meat or fish, we recommend oiling the food, rather than the pan. Make sure the pan is hot before adding the food and that the food is at room temperature, not fridge cold. Be patient, allow your food to sear and seal on the underside before attempting to turn it over. If your food is sticking, it may be because it isn’t cooked enough.
Can I buy a "naked" pan with no seasoning?
Whilst we think our flax oil seasoning is the best, if you wish to season the pan yourself with your own choice of oil, that's fine with us.
We can supply you any of our pans in the raw black iron finish. The surface will be chemical free and we will have mechanically cleaned and textured the pan, ready for seasoning.
To choose this option, just select a seasoned pan in the size and style you need in our web shop, then press add to cart and complete all your details. Then when you reach the comments box, write in  the box:  I WANT A NAKED PAN
Note: Iron rusts very easily so don't be surprised to see some surface colouring when the pan arrives.  This doesn't normally affect the seasoning process, but we do recommend seasoning as soon as you can.. 


My pan has tiny flecks of black on the surface, what are they?
You will see small specks of black on the pan surface when new, these are traces of cotton fibre that has been baked on during the seasoning process as we use washed cotton to apply the flax oil by hand, this is normal. They can be rubbed off with a washing up sponge.
What is seasoning?
Seasoning is the black/brown coating on the surface of iron pans applied to prevent corrosion. Seasoning also stops food tainting, makes the pan surface slippery and easier to clean. Seasoning is usually a baked on oil  but application and oil vary from country to country and are often subject to strong opinions and debate amongst food enthusiasts.
Netherton Foundry cast and black iron cookware is pre-seasoned. We do not use chemical coatings such as  PTFE &  PFOA's. Therefore our pans do not have the potential  health dangers from toxic fumes associated with high temperature cooking seen on many chemically coated cookware items. All our cookware is pre-seasoned at a high temperature with natural organic flax oil, which creates a durable, non-greasy Easy Clean Coating. If the natural flax oil coating becomes worn or damaged, you do not need to replace the item.  We give you simple to follow instructions for restoring the surface
Do I have to season my pan before use?
You can use them straight from the box. Simply wash in hot water. Do not use soap or detergent. Immediately dry, ideally on a low heat on the hob or in a warm oven.
For best results we recommend that you give all cast black and spun iron bowls, lids, pans, cook and bakeware an extra seasoned coating before first use.
The more you use the cast, black or spun iron and carefully follow the care instructions, the better the seasoned coating will become.
Which oils can I use for seasoning my pan?
Netherton Foundry only recommends flax oil. We know that there are many other methods and oils are recommended over the internet and we haven’t tried everything. However we have done our own long term testing and usage and find that flax oil is by far the best we have tested.  Rapeseed oil, peanut oil and coconut oil are commonly used by others, but we really suggest you do not use olive, sesame, generic vegetable or nut oils. You can buy our flax oil here. Sorry but currently we can only deliver flax oil to addresses in Great Britain.
Can I put my pan in the dishwasher?
No, it will rust and damage the wooden handle.
How do I wash my pan?
You will find this information here:  Re-seasoning and the care of cast, black and spun iron
Carefully read the sections: "Cleaning pre-seasoned cast iron, black and spun iron"  and  "After cooking and storing food"
Does cast and black iron rust?
Yes it will if it's not cared for. Our pans are made from 99.1% pure iron, so if left damp they will inevitably rust.  The best way to prevent rust forming is to keep them dry when not in use. However, should you get any rust on your pan, it can be restored to its former glory by re-seasoning. 


Where can I buy a Netherton Foundry Pan?
1. You can buy from the shop on this website as we ship worldwide by courier every day.
2. Check on our UK and worldwide stockist list for your nearest shop, but please call them in advance if you want something in particular, as they may not have everything we make in stock.
3. Order over the phone and buy direct from the makers. Discuss your requirements and get advise on pan care and use:
Tel. 01746 862781   International +441746862781  Monday- Thursday 09.15 - 16.00hrs  and Friday  09.15 - 14.00hrs (UK Time)    or   Email: sales@netherton-foundry.co.uk
5/ Our postal address for orders is:  Netherton Foundry, Unit 6, Netherton Workshops, New Road, Highley, Shropshire, WV16 6NN
I live outside Britain, how do I buy a pan?
No problem, we have a small but growing selection of worldwide stockists.
We also ship to any destination. Simply select your product in the webshop and the shipping cost will be calculated at the checkout.  We principally use DHL for overseas deliveries and the cost of shipping is down to their rates.
Note: currently we are not able to delivery flax or rapeseed oils to addresses outside of Great Britain.
For deliveries to the Channel Isles and the Isle of Man, when checking out you will find the Isle of Man and Channel Isles listed in the "Country" pull down menu of the Account and Billing Details. Do not select United Kingdom. 
How long will it take for my pan to arrive?
If you’re lucky and we have one in stock it may arrive in 2 days, but many pans are made to order and take around 10 to 14 days. However at busy times this may extend to 28 days. More info here: 
Can I return my pan if it’s been used?
No, not unless it has a manufacturing fault. If your unsure if seasoned iron pans will suit you, we recommend that you talk to us before purchase.
Call us on (+44) 01746 862781
Please remember that how you season, heat and look after your pan is not under our control so please read and follow this care advice. 
Discount Codes found on internet voucher sites.
These are all FAKE. There are no discount codes for the Netherton Foundry website available from ANY of these sites.
We set our prices to be fair to our customers, our suppliers, our retailers, our staff and ourselves and it's only fair that we keep them fair.
We hope you understand.
Discounts and High Street Retailers.
We do not offer discounts to phone callers and do not email discount codes to buyers who choose not to complete their web shop purchases.
This is part of our policy to support our network of retailers and play our part in saving the High Street. We want our fair prices to be available to all. 


Do we really make our pans in the UK?
Absolutely, we make all of our pans in our workshops in Shropshire, a county in the middle England, bordering mid Wales.
Warning, some cookware we know says “Designed in Britain” but is actually cast in France, other shiny pans claim to be made in the UK but are made of stainless steel from abroad with a handles screwed on from the Far East or Turkey, not really very much of them is British.  
How big is Netherton Foundry?
Our business is privately owned by two families. At the time of writing we have 5 people making pans and two office staff, but we are growing!
Can I visit Netherton Foundry workshops?
Unfortunately it isn't possible to go into the workshop areas when we are working but you can see us making pans in this short video clip.
Tel. 01746 862781  Email: sales@netherton-foundry.co.uk, Monday- Thursday 9.15 - 4.00 and Friday  9.15 - 2.00   
Do we do one off projects?
We don't make gates, horse shoes or traction engines but if you need a special cooking or baking product, please contact us. We might be able to help or know someone who can. 


Can I become a Netherton stockist?
If you have an outstanding independent retail outlet or website focusing on kitchen/ housewares items or specialist food, we would be interested in talking to you.
Please note we never have multiple retailers on the same high street. We welcome enquiries from the UK and worldwide. Contact us here
Does Netherton Foundry supply restaurants, caterers and hotels?
Definitely yes, you will find our pans in some of the swankiest kitchens and most exciting pop up restaurants.  Contact us here

Netherton Foundry, Shropshire, England. A family business crafting traditional cookware  in Highley, Shropshire from iron, oak and copper,using materials
predominantly sourced in our own and neighbouring counties.  Copyright 2021.

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