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  • Black iron bowl stand for Netherton Foundry Dutch oven

Black iron bowl stand for Netherton Foundry Dutch oven

  • £95.05

  • Ex Tax: £79.21


Black iron bowl stand for Netherton Foundry Dutch oven

This stand fits all Netherton Foundry spun & cast iron 7 pint ( 4 ltr) casserole bowls. 


Black iron bowl stand

A sturdy stand for the Netherton Foundry Dutch oven. 
Pre-seasoned with flax oil for a natural non-stick finish and easy to clean.
Heavy duty ¼ inch (6mm) thick black iron ring  with 3 detachable black iron legs ¼ inch (6mm). 
Durable 99.1% pure iron with sturdy brass  wingnuts.
Perfect for outdoor cooking over an open flame  or charcoal fires.   
Highly versatile and great fun to use. No tools required to fit and remove legs. 
When you've finished cooking, detach the legs for compact storage.


 This product is a stand only, the bowls and lids are available as a set. 


Black iron bowl stand: Height  9½" (24cm),  Width 15'' (38cm),  Weight  6 lbs 1oz  (2.75kg)

We recommend reading this information about seasoned iron cookware before purchase

We suggest you read the product care advice : CLICK HERE TO READ
You can see how to re-season bowls & lids in a short video: CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO
When you need to re-season, we recommend using flax oil . This creates a hard wearing, easy clean black finish on all our cast, spun & black iron pots and pans, you can buy this from us: CLICK TO BUY FLAX OIL .

Fire safety and cooking outdoors.

Whenever cooking in the outdoors with flames, we advise you to gain appropriate experience or training from experts before starting.
Always check to ensure you have chosen a safe location, have the skills to look after yourself and those around you.
Always ensure that you're  equipped to deal with all eventualities, including, but not exclusively,  fire, burns and scalds.
Here is a couple of web pages about fire lighting and safety to get you thinking. 

Want to learn more about firelighting and cooking outdoors?

Netherton Foundry recommends the BRISTOL FIRE SCHOOL
Hot, hot, hot - Bristol Fire school has been described as the south west's hottest cookery school. 
Good fire cooking starts and ends with a good fire and if there's something that Genevieve Taylor knows all about it's fire.
Genevieve's classes cover Fire Cooking Fundamentals, Fire Cooking Intermediate, Wood fired Oven in a Day and Kamado Masterclasses.  And whatever your first thoughts are when it comes to outdoor cooking, it's not all about the men. Who do you think kept the home fires burning when the cavemen were out hunting; when the First Nation braves were bringing down bison? The classes are for men and women alike and everyone is welcome from beginners to those looking to improve their skills and take their fire cooking up a level or two. Not only is she a great fire cook, she is also a terrific writer and has written a number of excellent books, full of techniques and recipes to get the most out of your fire cooking experiences.  Full details of courses and her books are on the Bristol Fire School website

If we were to recommend some books on the subject of outdoor cooking, these would be our first choices.




To make a great fire you need the best fuel.

For our money, this is some of the best charcoal you can buy. Its  made by Matt and Chris at  Whittle and flame, who could apply for doctorates in the art and science of charcoal making. What they don’t know, isn’t worth knowing. Based on the Cornbury estate in Oxfordshire, they use wood harvested on the estate to make black gold.  Click here to find out more and buy some of this superb charcoal.



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