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Preparing the surface and seasoning the pans.

We shotblast the surface ready for the all important flax oil coating.

In this video you can see Graham, he's in charge of the big, blue shotblasting machine.There is an art to placing everything correctly so that each product is properly blasted, Not only does Graham operate the machine, he also contributes to the design of the holding jigs. The quality of the finish here is essential for getting the very best performance from the seasoning process. 

Oiling the pans with flax oil and seasoning in our high temperture ovens.

Things that make our cookware special – the materials, the people and the processes. Once Ryan and Colin have spun the pans, the handles have been added and Graham has shot blasted them, it’s over to Heather and Julia to oil them with organic flax oil, supplied by our friends at Flax Farm . We experimented with a lot of oils and experience has taught us that flax oil creates the best finish for our iron cookware. Here you can see the process of applying and heating it to go from the silver grey of the blasted metal to the familiar black, seasoned and instantly recognisable, easy clean finish of a Netherton pan. What’s more, whatever you do to your pan, you can repeat this process at home to restore and refurbish your own Netherton pans. And you may not have realised this, but our ovens were designed to our specification and made in Britain.

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