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  • Cauldron and stand

Cauldron and stand

  • £450.00

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Netherton Foundry spun black iron Cauldron and stand

Cook for many over flames. Traditional cooking over roaring log fires or long slow smouldering beds of charcoal.

When James Whetlor, chef and founder of Cabrito Goat Meat knew he was going to be cooking over fire for hundreds with Brigadiers chef Shanti Bhushan at Meatopia, he knew he'd need a BIG pot. So he came to us and asked us to make him a cooking cauldron, so they could work their curry magic on some goat chops. And this was the result. 
If you are cooking for a crowd, this pot is what you need. What you won't need is this recipe.
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adder's fork and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg and howlet's wing,
The cauldron has two convenient lifting and carrying handles.
The stand disassembles for convenient storage and transportation.
Fun cooking for home parties and use in garden fire kitchens.
Fuss free catering for larger groups at festivals and campsites.
Chef Shanti Bhushan from Brigadiers, London,  using our very first cauldron at Meatopia.

The set consists of: 

Spun black iron cauldron with two black iron handles securely bolted handles.
The black iron bowl stand has a support ring and 3 heavy duty ¼ inch (6mm) detachable black iron legs (we use our tall NFS 280 version) 

Spun iron cauldron 

We take our inspiration from the Shropshire ironmasters of the 18th century and refine our designs to meet the rigours of 21st century life.
Our large, deep spun cauldron is made by the same metal spinning process as our famous frying pans and saucepans.
It's suitable for gas burners, wood or charcoal fires. Always heat slowly from cold to prevent buckling.  
As it's made from iron you can also take it outdoors and cook at high temperatures on flames, embers and barbeques.
The spun iron culdron is thermal shock and crack resistant.
We add our signature pre-seasoned flax oil finish to the bowl and lid, just like our frying pans.
The distinctive texture ensures bonding of the flax oil to the iron. With use, the seasoned finish becomes smoother and develops a glossy patina. 
If worn or damaged, the coating can simply be restored at home, time after time.

Black iron cauldron stand

A sturdy stand for the Netherton Foundry Cauldron. 
Pre-seasoned with flax oil for a natural non-stick finish and easy to clean.
Heavy duty ¼ inch (6mm) thick black iron support ring  with 3 detachable black iron legs ¼ inch (6mm). 
Durable 99.1% pure iron with sturdy brass wingnuts.
Perfect for outdoor cooking over an open flame  or charcoal fires.   
Highly versatile and great fun to use. No tools required to fit and remove legs. 
When you've finished cooking, detach the legs for compact storage.


We estimate the liquid capacity measured up to the rim is 25 ltrs ( 44 UK pints). We suggest the maximum cooking capacity is 16 ltrs ( 28 UK pints). 

James Whettlor: Chef, author, Britain's goat meat expert and inspiration for the Netherton Foundry Cauldron.

'James knows an awful lot about goats.' – Hugh Fearnely-Whittingstall
Indeed he does; after starting his career in the white heat of the London restaurant scene, James moved to River Cottage and bought 4 goats to tame his overgrown garden.  Learning more about the routine euthanasia of male dairy goat kids, he set about finding a way to rear and eventually butcher the male kids, selling the meat to London restaurants.
The business has flourished and after a recent crowdfunder, they have built a state of the art butchery and now sell fabulous goat meat to catering butchers, restaurants and direct to the public.
What’s more James is now a successful cook book author and GOAT won the prestigious James beard and Guild of Food Writers awards.
If you fancy a copy of Goat to go with your cauldron, you can buy one here. 

We recommend reading this information about seasoned iron cookware before purchase

What this video, it shows the quick stove top method to reseasoning, you can adapt this to season outdoors over flames.: CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO
When you need to re-season, we recommend using flax oil . This creates a hard wearing, easy clean black finish on all our cast, spun & black iron pots and pans, you can buy this from us: CLICK TO BUY FLAX OIL 

Fire safety and cooking outdoors.

Whenever cooking in the outdoors with flames, we advise you to gain appropriate experience or training from experts before starting.
Always check to ensure you have chosen a safe location, have the skills to look after yourself and those around you.
Always ensure that you're  equipped to deal with all eventualities, including, but not exclusively,  fire, burns and scalds.
Here is a couple of web pages about fire lighting and safety to get you thinking. 

To make a great fire you need the best fuel.

For our money, this is some of the best charcoal you can buy. Its  made by Matt and Chris at  Whittle and flame , who could apply for doctorates in the art and science of charcoal making. What they don’t know, isn’t worth knowing. Based on the Cornbury estate in Oxfordshire, they use wood harvested on the estate to make black gold.  Click here to find out more and buy some of this superb charcoal.

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