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  • Spun Iron Cooking Bell lid. A cooking & baking lid for use indoors & outdoor OPTION

Spun Iron Cooking Bell lid. A cooking & baking lid for use indoors & outdoor OPTION

  • £96.49

  • Ex Tax: £80.41

Shropshire Made Spun Iron Cooking Bell lid

A cooking & baking lid for use indoors & outdoors ( griddle not included)

This discounted lid may only be purchased when buying a pan or cookware item. If the lid is the only item you need, click here. 

Use with Netherton Foundry Models:

Any of the giant, split chapas or any flat cooking surface large than 12¼ Inch / 31cm diameter,
The bell retains heat when cooking indoors and outdoors
Use on hobs, ranges, open fires and bbq's.
When baking, the steam retained improves the crust.
Pre-seasoned with flax oil for a natural non-stick finish
Durable 99.1% pure iron bell and tray with a Netherton branded rivet.
Cast iron top handle with stainless steel fittings.
Perfect for range stoves, electric, gas & wood fired ovens.
Heavy duty, for superb, even baking and cooking.
Can be used in very hot ovens, safe up to at least 300ºC (572ºF).


Weight of bell 2lb 8oz (1.13 kg), diameter of baking bell 12¼'' (31cm), 
height of bell to the top of the knob 7½'' (19cm), height inside of bell 6¼ '' (16cm)

Testimonial from a regular Cloche user.

This cloche is very easy to use and is one of my best-loved pieces of kitchen equipment. It traps steam during baking for impressive oven spring, making the most superb sough dough bread. Removing the dome for the last 10 minutes ensures a crispy crust. It’s my favourite part of the bake the big reveal to see how the loaf has turned out. It has never failed me! A little tip, if like flavour of a beautiful crust but want to slightly soften it slightly, wrap the loaf in a damp tea towel when removed from baking tray and place on a rack to cool. 
Kindest Regards, Jude 

Why choose a pre-seasoned bakeware  ?                                                    

The edible Sussex flax oil coating is easy to wash & naturally non-stick. 
It is ready for immediate use.                  
No chemicals or PTFE are used in the coating of the bell.
Coating can be simply restored at home, time after time.

Why use a iron bakeware?

Iron cookware is tough and can be used at very high temperatures.
This iron bell is suitable for all types of  ovens.
Iron is a pure, simple metal which is easy to look after & very recyclable.

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