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Our News

Title Date Added
How do you fancy building your own Netherton frying pan? 23/02/2024 View
Nigel Slater's midweek dinner: Sweet potato & bacon frittata for pancake day. 11/02/2024 View
Everybody loves a sausage. Tony Turnbull, The Times 09/02/2024 View
February cheer: Pulses and poultry, a Netherton recipe 02/02/2024 View
Sunday Times: Double exposure for the Netherton prospector pans 02/02/2024 View
The Observer: light up the dark days with Nigel Slater 25/01/2024 View
Joe Trivelli in the Observer: Bright flavours for dull days 22/01/2024 View
The Observer Magazine : Nigel Slater's vivid mix of spices add heat to a Prospector Pan: 14.1.2024 15/01/2024 View
More January joy: A Netherton meatball recipe for the New year 12/01/2024 View
New year: new salmon and prospector pan recipe in THE TIMES 31/12/2023 View
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