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Crazy Delicious, the totally mad new cookery show on Channel 4

Crazy Delicious, the totally mad new cookery show on Channel 4


Crazy Delicious, the utterly bonkers new cookery show from Channel 4 is exactly what it says; completely mad, with mouthwatering food.  Genius or insanity? 

Watch it and decide for yourselves, but one thing you can be sure of is the fantastic sense of fun, frivolity and flavour underlying the whole concept.

You can catch up here on the Channel 4 website. 



With an edible set, at least what's left of it after presenter Jayde Adams has nibbled it, and three food gods, dressed all in white, this show is like none you have ever seen before. 
And before anyone gets worked up about calling them gods, let me introduce them; the chemist in the kitchen,  
Heston Blumenthal, Swedish firepit supremo Niklas Ekstedt and Queen of the South (USA) Carla Hall.  

Each week the three contestants are set challenges and can forage the set for ingredients, before presenting their dishes to be judged. 
At the end of each episode the winner is presented with a Golden Apple.
This is not a week on week knockout competition so it is a gentler watch than other cookery competition show.
The winner of the first episode was our friend Adam Purnell and it was a thrill to see local Shropshire talent getting the national exposure he deserves.

This week’s episode held more excitement for us, when Harry presented his winning Bazooka Shakshuka brunch in a 14" Netherton prospector pan
We hope the gods liked the pan as much as they enjoyed Harry’s food.



Curiosity has definitely got the better of us and we will be tuned in again next week.     29 January 2020

Netherton Foundry, Shropshire, England. A family business crafting traditional cookware in Highley, Shropshire from iron, oak and copper,
using materials predominantly sourced in our own and neighbouring counties.  Copyright 2020.




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