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Sam and Shauna's Big Cook Out and Netherton pans hit the small screen

Sam and Shauna's Big Cook Out and Netherton pans hit the small screen

Sam and Shauna's Big Cook Out and Netherton pans hit the small screen

The programe has now finished but click here to see highlights on BBC-I-player.

All about Sam and Shauna. 

Five years ago, Sam Evans and Shauna Guinn left their city jobs to embark on a road trip across America to learn the secrets of American barbecue.

Enthused with the spirit of smoke and fire, they returned to Wales with a mission - to spread their passion for outdoor cooking and change the way we barbecue.

Now, having written a best-selling cookbook, opened their own restaurant and won best street food or takeaway category at the BBC Food and Farming Awards, the queens of barbecue hit the road to celebrate the achievements of community champions across Wales and change the way we barbecue.

Using food to bring together the whole community, each cookout sees Sam and Shauna host huge parties to reward the work of a variety of organisations and individuals.

They start by showing how to prepare the feasts on a small-scale before up-scaling to feed hundreds at large cookouts.

Sam and Shauna kick off their cookouts by barbecuing a whole pig with Barry Town United Football Club. They want to celebrate the team's promotion to the Welsh Premier League - not bad considering four years ago Barry Town FC were on the brink of extinction - and the work they do in the community. It is something to celebrate and it needs a really big cookout, so Sam and Shauna decide to cook a whole pig, Hawaiian-style, in a huge brick firepit. The succulent pork will be served with pit beans, cornbread and an apple and fennel slaw, with fruit-filled toffee apples for dessert. But Sam and Shauna only have a week to teach the staff and players of Barry Town United how to make and cook the dishes. With help from a team of volunteers from the club, a pig-sized hole is dug in the beach, and 24 hours later the whole club gathers to eat and celebrate with Sam and Shauna's Big Cook Out.

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Netherton met the girls for the first time 4 years ago at a festival.

They make every event into a party and wev'e been firm friends ever since and they have become keen users of our iron pans which they use in their restaurant daily.
You get to see the girls using our pans on the Big Cook Out in some of the episodes. 


The Hangfire girls, San and Shauna with Sue from Netherton at Ludlow 2018.

By the way, if you fancy trying the food at home, here's the book. 

The Hang Fire Cookbook: Recipes and Adventures in American BBQ

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