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Here's a first for Netherton, a pan in MEN'S HEALTH magazine

Here's a first for Netherton, a pan in MEN'S HEALTH magazine

Here's a first for Netherton, a pan in MEN'S HEALTH magazine


It's always nice when the press ask to use our products in a photo shoot.

However I was just a little surprised when Men's Health magazine rang us up and wanted to chat about frying pans..... they had heard we knew a bit about pans!

Well as you can see they've photographed our regular 10 inch spun iron  wood handle frying pan for an article about really good sausages.

This is the pan we describe as the VW golf of the skillet world! It's the pan that you can take anywhere and get a great reliable result.


I've had 3 people pick up this magazine off my desk this week and say "can I borrow that when you've finished with it"......and I'm saying don't crease the pages as I still need to take photos of it. 

Now that's a sign of interesting content. They, like me, assumed it was just for gym bunnies, nope, it's all about real life and especially healthy food. 


The August edition is crammed with foodie articles and recipes. 

This is all about the new meat alternatives. 

Well in this magazine they do have an interest in ensuring that we get enough protein. 

Here's an alternative eating out selection. It includes a few names we didn't recognise but must check out.

Here are a few names making waves in the new food world. 

....and it includes a feature about our friend Chef James Whetlor.  He's recently written  Goat Cooking and eating by James Whetlor.

James founded Cabrito meats after keeping a few goats to solve a land management problem and has discovered that it's a really great healthy meat.

Here's a link to Men's Health website. 

...and another link if you want to subscribe and get a hard copy.


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