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It's Father's Day in the UK on the 18th June 2017

It's Father's Day in the UK on the 18th June 2017

It's Father's Day in the UK on the 18th June 2017









It's Father's Day in the UK on the 18th June 2017  (it's always the 3rd Sunday in June).

Father's Day as we know it now has only been around since 1910 and was first celebrated by Sonora Smart Spokane, Washington, USA.
It does seem a bit of a poor relation to Mother's Day, so here's you chance to make it special.
By the way, if you live in Belgium, you'd better get a move on, as Father's Day is celebrated in Belgium on the 11th of June this year. 

Here are a few suggestions from us to make the day special. 

  Spun Iron Glamping Pan © 

  Great for a family outdoor adventure and then use it at home.
   A real spun iron pan with an easily detachable handle for convenient storage and carrying.
   This pan isn't a thin camping toy, it's got a secure handle, held on with solid brass wing nuts.
   Available in two sizes.

   8" (20cm) Spun Iron Glamping Pan  £45  

   10" (26cm) Spun Iron Glamping Pan  £52.50





   Shropshire Made Spun Iron Glamping Pot © 

   "Cordon Bleu" ready for the great outdoors and then use it to heat the baked beans when you get home!
   A real 6 inch spun iron saucepan (pot) with an easily detachable handle for convenient storage and carrying.
   It has hand made British oak handle covers you can take off if the pan needs to go into the oven. 
   The pot has our same tried and tested, pre-seasoned, easy clean, flax oil finish that can be restored at home when required.

   6" (15cm) Spun Iron Glamping Pot with lid  £70







   12 and 15 inch Black Iron Pizza Plates

   Dads love pizza. Use it in the oven and it's perfect on the BBQ or open fire. 
   Perfect for both for home made and frozen pizzas.
   The cooking surface is perforated with dozens of holes to vent moisture ensuring an even, crispy pizza base.
   Great for cooking all types of frozen pastries such as croissants and sausage rolls. 

    Shropshire Made 12 inch Black Iron Pizza Plate  £62.50

    Shropshire Made 15 inch Black Iron Pizza Plate  £72.00





   Netherton Foundry Re-Seasoning Fax oil, 

   An essential ingredient to look after the black and spun iron family heirlooms and prized possessions.    
    100ml of natural flax oil, grown and pressed by Flax Farm, West Sussex.
    This is used to restore the hard wearing, easy clean, black finish on cast and spun iron.

   Flax oil  £10.00







   Black Iron Baking & Pizza Peel (also known as a baking & pizza paddle)    

   Perfect for loading & lifting pizzas, loaves of bread & baking from indoor & outdoor ovens.
   The 1mm thin blade of black iron simply slides under the food.
   Ideal for use with griddle and baking plates and pizza stones.
   We also make a long oak handled version:
   Shropshire Made Black Iron Baking & Pizza Peel  (Long Handle)  £80.00





   7" Steak Press/ Ridged Cooking iron.   

    Pre-heat the cast cooking iron to create the ribbed char cooked look.
    Place cooking iron on bacon, burgers, steaks & vegetables.
    Use it to make perfect paninis & toasted sandwiches.
    Ensures they are evenly cooked & flat.
    7"  (18cm) traditional, ridged cast iron cooking iron (Steak Press) with British oak handle  £45.00

    Cast Iron Outdoor/Garden Hob with Grid

    Cast iron charcoal bowl with British oak legs. Black iron cooking grid with Netherton logo. It's simple and quick to light.
    Just fill it with lump charcoal, pour on 150ml (5 fluid oz) of barbecue lighter fluid, replace cast iron grid, stand back and light.
    Wait for 20 to 30 minutes until the charcoal has become grey/white and then start to cook or barbecue.
     You can now barbecue for up to four hours on a single fill of charcoal.
    Or add one of our cast iron bowls or tagines, and then cook dishes in 3 to 4 hours which will stay hot for around 5 to 7 hours.
    This leaves you plenty of time to relax and entertain.
    It's great for family parties, a quiet evening in the garden watching the sunset or delicious warming food during a fireworks party.

Netherton Foundry, Shropshire, England.   © 2017

A family business, designing & making quality traditional cookware from materials sourced in Shropshire and its neighbouring counties.  
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