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Root+ Bone and the Outdoor Hob

Root+ Bone and the Outdoor Hob

Root+ Bone and the Outdoor Hob

The circulation for Root and Bone, London's  "Offcuts of Food Culture", does not extend to rural Shropshire, but when you have friends in the hippest of hangouts, you can rely on them to keep you posted about what's happening down in the capital.

With thanks to Kitchen Provisions, on-line and on-street purveyors of our wares, the Netherton Foundry outdoor hob and slow cooker has been featured in this coolest of publications.

And whilst we were still at the discussion stage here, they have jumped in and offloaded their thoughts on offal - tongue to be precise.  This is not your everyday, run of the mill cut of meat, but one which could be set for a revival.  The write up in Root and Bone certainly makes it sound a lot more appealing than you might initially think.


The outdoor hob slow cooker is a superb garden cooking solution for those with limited outdoor space, be it a tiny back garden or even a balcony.  So whether you are a committed metropolitan or a serious country lover, this is an ideal barbecue solution for everyone.


7 July 2016 





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