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  • 7" Traditional Cooking iron (Bacon press)

7" Traditional Cooking iron (Bacon press)

  • £64.70

  • Ex Tax: £53.92


7" (18cm) traditional flat cast iron cooking iron with British oak handle 

Place Cooking Iron on bacon, burgers, steaks & vegetables.
Use it to make perfect paninis
Ensures they are evenly cooked & flat.
May be pre-heated to speed cooking.
Pre-seasoned with flax oil
For use in 10" or larger frying pan. Pan not included but click here for our pan recommendation.
The main photo shows the top of one cooking iron and the flat base of another (you only get one !)

Why use a Cooking Iron?

It’s tough & can be used at very high temperatures. 
Prevents bacon curling.
Helps ensure food is thoroughly cooked.
Suitable for all types of frying pans & griddle plates.
Weight 1.85 kg (4lbs) 
Customer review from: Karen Thorne ‏@HoptonHouseBnB   My Netherton cast iron press is proving very useful for things like French toast & fried bread

How to make an XXL stovetop cheese toastie at the Wigmore using a Netherton Foundry Bacon Press

Just Opened London have got everyone salivating over the Wigmore's posh toastie.
Michel Roux Jr. took a lot of trouble to create this grilled cheese sandwich recipe and an essential ingredient is the Netherton Foundry Bacon Press.

Watch Phil Leverington, The Demo Chef prepare Rose Veal Sirloin Steak using a Netherton Foundry Cooking Iron :

Phil uses the cooking iron for both meat and veg in this short and entertaining recipe video.

Watch the Netherton Foundry Cooking Iron and 10" pan in use:

This is a short video from our friend Phil Leverington, aka the Demo Chef. 
Phil prepares and cooks pan seared pork on a bed of leeks and black pudding using just one knife, one pan and one dish !

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