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  • Spun Iron Outdoor Hob and Slow Cooker

Spun Iron Outdoor Hob and Slow Cooker

  • £273.05

  • Ex Tax: £227.54


Spun Black Iron Outdoor Hob & Slow Cooker

This is a charcoal powered outdoor hob with a spun iron casserole.


The heavy duty spun black iron charcoal bowl rests on four British oak legs. On top of this sits a black iron cooking grid with Netherton branding. Once the hob is lit you can add the pre-seasoned spun iron cooking bowl (4 litre capacity). The bowl has a spun iron lid with the Netherton branding accented in solid brass and is finished with a British oak, hand turned knob. Perfect for all types of outdoor cooking. Barbeque, roast and best of all, prepare your favourite slow cooker recipes outdoors. 

Slow cooking a whole chicken

It's simple and quick to light.
Just fill it with lump charcoal, use the best you can get, add a natural firelighter, stand back and light.  You can select Flamers natural firelighters as an option when you purchase the outdoor slow cooker or find them on the spares page
Wait for 20 to 30 minutes until the charcoal has become grey/white and then start to cook or barbeque.
It can be used on decking as well as on the patio.
Slow cooked (and tagine style) dishes cook in around 4 hours and stay hot for  5 to 7 hours.
This leaves you plenty of time to relax and entertain.
It's great for family parties, a quiet evening in the garden watching the sunset or delicious warming food during a fireworks party.
All of the black iron parts are pre-seasoned with flax oil for a natural, easy clean finish.
Try a great outdoor breakfast on the Outdoor Hob by adding one of our Spun Iron frying pans.
When the weather changes for the worse, you can use the spun iron cooking bowl indoors.
Turn it into an electric slow cooker by adding one of our electric heater bases.
Alternatively the bowl can be used on your gas or electric hob.
Add our cast iron lid knob and use the pre-seasoned iron bowl as a casserole inside the oven.

Spun Iron Outdoor Hob with Grid 

The heavy duty spun black iron charcoal bowl has four British oak legs with stainless steel hardware..
Black iron cooking grid with Netherton branding
Barbeque for up to 4 hours on a single fill of charcoal.
All of the black iron parts are pre-seasoned with flax oil for a natural, easy clean finish.
Try a great outdoor breakfast on the Outdoor Hob by adding one of our Spun Iron frying pans.

Spun iron 7 pint (4 litre) bowl and lid 

We take our inspiration from the Shropshire ironmasters of the 18th century and refine our designs to meet the rigours of 21st century life.
Our large, deep spun bowls are made by the same metal spinning process as our famous frying pans and saucepans.
The bowl is made by skilled British craftsmen from 5/32'' (4 mm) black iron to create a traditional, solid iron pot.
It has a smooth, flat base, which means that it heats up evenly on all types of stove hobs..
It's suitable for range, gas, electric, ceramic, halogen and induction hobs. Always heat slowly from cold to prevent buckling.  
As it's made from iron you can also take it outdoors and cook at high temperatures on flames, embers and barbeques.
Heavy duty spun iron is thermal shock and crack resistant, making it ideal for powerful induction hobs.
The classic Netherton Foundry branding is cut into the substantial spun iron lid, this is accented in solid brass. 
The lid knob is turned from British oak and is not oven safe.
If you want to also cook in the oven, look at our Spun Iron Oven Casserole.
Alternatively if you like the look of the oak knob, you can add an Oven Safe Cast Knob just when needed.
We add our signature pre-seasoned flax oil finish to the bowl and lid, just like our frying pans.
The distinctive texture ensures bonding of the flax oil to the iron. With use, the seasoned finish becomes smoother and develops a glossy patina. 
If worn or damaged, the coating can simply be restored at home, time after time.


Spun iron bowl: 
Width across the rim 12 " (30.7cm). Width across the base 9'' (23cm). Height 4" (10cm). Weight 3.65 kg (8lbs) .
Capacity 7 pint (4 ltr). capacity measured to rim. The cooking food capacity is around two and half to three litres.  
Spun iron lid:       
11½" wide (29.2cm) and 3'' (7.5cm) high. Weight 1.74kg (3 lbs 13oz) 
Height of the bowl, lid and knob
7'' (17.5cm) high.
Outdoor Hob with Grid: Height:
15.5cm (6"inches). Width : 31cm  (12¼ inches). Weight: 9 kgs (20lbs).

We recommend reading this information about seasoned iron cookware before purchase

We suggest you read the product care advice : CLICK HERE TO READ
You can see how to re-season bowls & lids in a short video: CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO
When you need to re-season, we recommend using flax oil . This creates a hard wearing, easy clean black finish on all our cast, spun & black iron pots and pans, you can buy this from us: CLICK TO BUY FLAX OIL 

Lighting the Outdoor/ Garden Hob


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