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  • Cast iron lid knob - large

Cast iron lid knob - large

  • £18.55

  • Ex Tax: £15.46


Use this cast iron lid knob if you wish to oven cook with your Netherton Foundry spun or cast iron casserole bowl.

This cast iron knob replaces the hard wood oak lid knob fitted to slow cookers and stove top bowls.

The oak knobs are not oven proof so this is a suitable replacement if you wish to oven cook.
Remember to use oven gloves when using this lid knob as it will get very hot.
This knob is pre-seasoned with flax oil to match the bowl and lid.
Cast iron knob does not need removing each time you re-season the lid an bowl. 
We include a new stainless steel screw, washer and silicon seal.

This knob can also be used to make oven safe lids for :

13 inch woks, 12 inch saute pans  and 12 inch prospector casseroles.

To fit the cast iron knob:

Simply unscrew the hard wood knob using a "Cross head/ pozi style" screw driver, turn screwdriver anti- clockwise to remove.
Then hold cast iron knob on the top of the lid, place the slicon seal on the under side of the lid, add the stainless steel washer and  finally screw in the new stainless steel screw, turn in clockwise.

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