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  • Flambadou


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Shropshire Made Flambadou with long handle.

What is a Flambadou?

Culinary magic – our Flambadou is a heavy duty steel cone, with a slotted opening at the base, attached to a long handle. 
This historic piece of outdoor cooking kit is intended to be heated until glowing red and then used to ignite and melt fat to drip seductively on to your barbecued food.
Sit the cone in the coals until it glows red.
Carefully hold the hot flambadou over your food and add chunks of fat into the cone. 
This will ignite and drip , to baste and flavour  your food, whilst adding panache and drama to the meal.
The Flambadou has a long handle to keep your hands safe. The slot is designed to work with flavoured butters, bone marrow, beef fat and any other solid fats you fancy.
A perfect present for the BBQ aficionado.
Fabricated then welded from durable 99.1% pure black iron plate.
Sturdy, hand made, long black iron handle attached with hefty steel fastenings, highlighted with a Netherton brand brass rivet.
Pre-seasoned with flax oil for a natural finish. 

Why have we made a Flambadou?

..........because we were asked to.  Genevieve Taylor, author and founder of the Bristol Fire School commissioned us to make a flambadou that was up to the job.  Flambadous made from thin materials do not work well, as they do not retain the heat and the fat solidifies before it can pour out.  We needed some help. So we asked some of Britain's best fire chefs for the expert advice. And using all the details that  Adam Purnell, Christian Stevenson, Andy Stubbs, Julian Brown and Chris Roberts shared with us, we designed and produced the Netherton flambadou.   
Click the pictures to find out much more about these talented fire chefs.


Weight:1lbs 14ozs (0.85 kgs). Height of cone: 3 ⅞ inches (9.8 cm). Width of cone: 2 ½ inches (6.5 cm). Length of handle: 26 inches (66 cm). 

We recommend using a Charcoal Chimney to heat coals.


Flambadou instructions.

Please read carefully before use.

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