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  • Charcoal Chimney

Charcoal Chimney

  • £133.75

  • Ex Tax: £111.46


Shropshire Made Charcoal Chimney with long oak handle.

The quickest way to light an Outdoor Hob, BBQ , Fire Pit, outdoor or pizza oven or similar .
A large black iron charcoal chimney with a detachable handle for convenient storage and carrying.
Get cooking in ten to twenty minutes. 
Pre-seasoned with flax oil for a natural finish.
Made from Durable 99.1% pure black iron rolled sheet.
Hand riveted with malleable iron rivets.
Sturdy, hand made, long oak handle with brass fixings.

How to use the Charcoal Chimney

Here's a 45 second video showing how easy it is to use.

Step by step instructions:
1. Fill your charcoal chimney to just below the top rim, this is approximately 1kg of good quality lumpwood charcoal.
2. Scrunch up a single sheet of newspaper into a ball no bigger than 6 inches (15cms) in diameter and place on a firesafe surface.  A corner of a Netherton Foundry fire table is  the perfect place for this. Do not light this on grass, decking or any surface that may catch fire.
3. Push in one or two firelighters, we use natural ones, into centre of the newspaper ball.
4. Light the firelighters with a long match.
5. Place the chimney on top of the flaming newspaper ball.
6. Wait for about 10 to 20 minutes until all the charcoal is burning white hot.
7. Then pick up the charcoal chimney using the long oak handle and slowly empty into the BBQ.
8. The burning charcoal is now ready to use, we're using it here with a Netherton Foundry Black Iron 15 inch Chapa Griddle Plate


Weight 5lbs 5ozs (2.4kg)
Height of chimney 12.5 inches (32cm), diameter of chimney 7.75 inches (19.5cm).
Length of handle 29 inches (74cm),  handle diameter 1 inch (2.5cm).

Assembling the Charcoal Chimney

Fitting the oak hardwood handle:
The long oak handle sits on top of the metal handle, with the two stainless screws inserted down through the holes in the metal handle.
The brass wing two brass wing nuts are attached under the metal handle.
Turn nuts carefully clockwise until fully tightened.
In use, ensure that both brass wing nuts are fully tightened and do not touch them when chimney is in use as they will be very hot.
Do not allow the long handle to get too close to a heat source as it will scorch & burn.
Wipe handle clean, do not soak in water.

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