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  • Black Iron 12 inch barbecue plate for outdoor and pizza ovens with 3 short legs

Black Iron 12 inch barbecue plate for outdoor and pizza ovens with 3 short legs

  • £111.00

  • Ex Tax: £92.50


Shropshire Made 12 inch black Iron barbecue plate for outdoor and pizza ovens

A heavy duty barbecue plate with short 3 inch legs to cook over coals and embers inside the oven.

Pre-seasoned with flax oil for a natural non-stick finish and easy to clean.
Heavy duty ¼ inch (6mm) thick black iron barbecue grid with 3 detachable short black iron legs.
Durable 99.1% pure iron with Netherton brass rivets and sturdy brass wingnuts.
Perfect for cooking over an open fire or charcoal embers inside outdoor and pizza ovens.
Ideal for all kinds of food from steaks, sausage and burgers or any food where the flavour of the cooking smoke will add to the experience.  
Adds attractive char burnt griddle lines to food.
Highly versatile and great fun to use. No tools required to fit and remove legs. 
When you've finished cooking, detach the legs for compact storage and for indoor use on the hob or in the oven. We suggest using a baking tray to collect fat.
The barbecue grid is suitable for high temperatures and resists warping and buckling.
It can be used on all hobs including: ranges, electric, gas, halogen, induction (heat slowly to keep the plate flat) 


Weight: 7lbs, 3.2 kg,
16 inches x 12 inches (diameter) x 3.5 inches. (height)   40cm x 30.5 cm (dia) x 9 cm (assembled) .
The plate is 3.25 inches (8cm) from floor when assembled.  Packs down to 1 inch deep when the legs are removed.                                  

How to assemble the Barbecue Chapa ( it's the same process as this model) 


Why choose a pre- seasoned Barbecue Chapa ?

No chemicals or PTFE are used in the coating of the Barbecue.
The edible Sussex flax oil coating is easy to wash & naturally non-stick. It is ready for immediate use. 
Coating can be simply restored at home, time after time.
Barbecue Chapas are tough and can be used at very high temperatures.
Iron is a pure, simple metal which is easy to look after & very recyclable.

Want to learn more about using a wood fired oven? 

 Learn to use your wood fired oven in a day with Genevieve Taylor of the Bristol Fire School.

We suggest you read:  The ultimate wood fired cook book, by Genevieve Taylor 


Wordery says:

The Ultimate Wood-Fired Oven Cookbook tells you everything you need to know about your oven, from initial setting up to choice of woods, plus tips and tricks for perfecting cooking times, and of course, over 70 amazing recipes.
Most people start with authentic pizza and flatbreads cooked at high temperature, and Genevieve Taylor talks you step-by-step through the foolproof way to achieve the world's best-tasting wood-fired pizza. But these ovens are infinitely more versatile, and she goes on to show how you can roast and grill, then bake as the oven starts to cool, and ultimately use the dying embers to slow-roast or simply leave to cook overnight.
With The Ultimate Wood-Fired Oven Cookbook, you'll master both the equipment and your cooking, getting the best out of your oven and your fuel, and enjoying the most delectable, memorable food you've ever eaten..




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