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  • Blue Meadow Flower Stove Top Tagine and Spun Iron Bowl, hand thrown and painted by Rachel Frost.

Blue Meadow Flower Stove Top Tagine and Spun Iron Bowl, hand thrown and painted by Rachel Frost.

  • £330.10

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Netherton Foundry Meadow Flower Blue tagine & spun black iron 7 pint (4 litre) bowl for hob top cooking.

This item may take up to 28 days to despatch. If you need it sooner please telephone or email and we will see if this is possible. 

Cook authentic and exotic North African dishes

The ceramic tagine lid is hand thrown and painted by Rachel Frost in the Ironbridge Gorge, Shropshire.
Perfect for kitchen to table service, elegant and impressive.
Spun black  iron 7 pint (4 litre) oven safe bowl with ceramic tagine lid and British oak knob. 
It's excellent for soups, traditional hearty fare, exotic international dishes, puddings and even bread; it's all about keeping the taste in your food.
Lots and lots of tried and tested recipes in the very special booklet that you will want to keep.
Perfect for kitchen to table service, elegant and impressive.
Remove the lid to use the spun iron bowl for perfect risotto.
Hand thrown & hand painted ceramic tagine lid 
The glazed ceramic tagine lid is hand thrown and painted for us exclusively by renowned Shropshire ceramic artist, Rachel Frost, in the Ironbridge Gorge
This tagine lid is used with the spun iron 7 pint (4 litre) bowl. Use this on our slow cooker base or on a stove top hob.
The tagine lid has a British turned oak knob hand branded with the Netherton Foundry logo. 
Lid knob is turned from British oak and is not oven safe.
If you want to also cook in the oven, look at our Spun Iron Oven Casserole.
Alternatively if you like the look of the tagine , you can add a spun iron lid with cast iron knob just when needed. 

Watch Rachel hand paint a Netherton Foundry tagine lid.

Spun iron 7 pint (4 litre) bowl 

We take our inspiration from the Shropshire ironmasters of the 18th century and refine our designs to meet the rigours of 21st century life.
Our large, deep spun bowls are made by the same metal spinning process as our famous frying pans and saucepans.
The bowl is made by skilled British craftsmen from 5/32'' (4 mm) black iron to create a traditional, solid iron pot.
It has a smooth, flat base, which means that it heats up evenly on all types of stove hobs..
It's suitable for range, gas, electric, ceramic, halogen and induction hobs. Always heat slowly from cold to prevent buckling.  
As it's made from iron you can also take it outdoors and cook at high temperatures on flames, embers and barbeques.
Heavy duty spun iron is thermal shock and crack resistant, making it ideal for powerful induction hobs.
We add our signature pre-seasoned flax oil finish to the bowl and lid, just like our frying pans.
The distinctive texture ensures bonding of the flax oil to the iron. With use, the seasoned finish becomes smoother and develops a glossy patina. 
If worn or damaged, the coating can simply be restored at home, time after time.


Spun iron bowl: 
Width across the rim 12⅛ " (30.7cm) . 
Width across the base 9'' (23cm) .
Height 4" (10cm) .
Weight 3.65 kg (8lbs) .
Capacity 7 pint (4 ltr). capacity measured to rim. The cooking food capacity is around two and half to three litres.  
Ceramic tagine lid:       
10 3/4" wide (27cm) and 6½'' (16.5cm) high.
Weight 1.52kg (3 lbs  6oz) 
Height of the bowl, tagine lid and knob is 10'' (25cm) high.

We recommend reading this information about seasoned iron cookware before purchase

We suggest you read the product care advice : CLICK HERE TO READ
You can see how to re-season bowls in a short video: CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO
When you need to re-season, we recommend using flax oil . 
This creates a hard wearing, easy clean black finish on all our cast, spun & black iron pots and pans, you can buy this from us: CLICK TO BUY FLAX OIL 

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