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MasterChef and The Telegraph discover the Flambadou

Lighter, drier evenings can only mean one thing – it’s time to bring out the barbie.  And there is a lot of inspiration and instruction available for those who want to move on from singed sausages, charred chicken and burnt burgers.
Last week on BBC’s MasterChef, Gregg Wallace was agog as Niklas Ekstedt guided the contestants through a fire cooked feast and taught them how to master the Flambadou.  If you fancy wowing your friends with flaming fat, or want to treat your Dad to something special for Father’s Day, our British made Flambadou is just the thing.
But if you feel nervous about tackling something a bit more exciting, want to vary your repertoire and up your barbecue game, there are workshops and classes up and down the country who can help.
The Daily Telegraph’s Natalie Paris attended one and mastered the Flambadou party trick.  And in The Telegraph's Saturday’s edition (18.05.2024) she listed several, many of whom are friends of ours.  These courses highlight the facts that barbecuing is neither solely male, nor entirely carnivore.  Some of the best barbecue chefs are women and some of the tastiest dishes are vegetarian.
So it’s a big, bold shout out and “Hello” from us to:
The Salt Box, at Priory Farm in Surrey.
Bristol Fire School, run by author, Genevieve Taylor.
High Grange Devon, beautiful woodland setting with views across the hills.
Hunter Gather Cook, Nick Weston is a fire chef legend. 
and Embers Café Fire Classes lead by Shropshire Lad, Adam Purnell.
Keep those coals glowing all summer long.

The Netherton Foundry Shropshire Made Flambadou with long handle.

Culinary magic – our Flambadou is a heavy duty steel cone, with a slotted opening at the base, attached to a long handle. 
This historic piece of outdoor cooking kit is intended to be heated until glowing red and then used to ignite and melt fat to drip seductively on to your barbecued food.
Find out more and buy a flambadou here.

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