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  • Black Iron 12 inch barbecue chapa

Black Iron 12 inch barbecue chapa

  • £128.80

  • Ex Tax: £107.33


Shropshire Made 12 inch Black Iron Barbecue Chapa

An open fire / charcoal fuelled portable barbecue.

Samin Nosrat cooking on a 12 inch Black Iron Barbecue Chapa at the River Cottage Food Fair May 2019
Pre-seasoned with flax oil for a natural non-stick finish and easy to clean.
Heavy duty ¼ inch (6mm) thick black iron barbecue grid with 3 detachable black iron legs.
Durable 99.1% pure iron with Nethrton brass rivets and sturdy brass wingnuts.
Perfect for outdoor cooking over an open fire or charcoal embers.
Ideal for all kinds of food from steaks, sausage and burgers or any food where the flavour of the cooking smoke will add to the experience.  
Adds attractive char burnt griddle lines to food.
Highly versatile and great fun to use. No tools required to fit and remove legs. 
When you've finished cooking, detach the legs for compact storage and for indoor use on the hob or in the oven. We suggest using a baking tray to collect fat.
The barbecue grid is suitable for high temperatures and resists warping and buckling.

How to assemble the Barbecue Chapa:


Weight: 7lbs, 3.2 kg,
16 inches x 12 inches (diameter) x 9 inch. (height)   40cm x 30.5 cm (dia) x 23.5 cm (assembled) .
The plate is 8.5 inches (21.5cm) from floor when assembled.  Packs down to 1 inch deep when the legs are removed.

A Chapa Fire Table is available as an accessory to complement the Barbecue Chapa.


Why choose a pre- seasoned Barbecue Chapa ?

No chemicals or PTFE are used in the coating of the Barbecue.
The edible Sussex flax oil coating is easy to wash & naturally non-stick. It is ready for immediate use. 
Coating can be simply restored at home, time after time.
Barbecue Chapas are tough and can be used at very high temperatures.
Iron is a pure, simple metal which is easy to look after & very recyclable.

Want to learn about cooking on fire in the outdoors?

  Join a course with Nick Weston at Hunter Gather Cook. 

Nick was born and raised on Ashdown Forest in Sussex and from an early age spent most of his time grubbing about in the woods, wild camping, fishing and shooting. Influenced largely by early morning viewings of Les Hiddens AKA. Bush tucker man, Nick gradually got into wild food with the help of his mother and her willingness to teach him how to cook the rabbits, pheasants and trout that found their way into the kitchen.
Venison on greens cooking on a Netherton 12 inch Barbecue Chapa by Nick Weston at River Cottage food Fair 2019
Wordery says:Hunter Gather Cook aims to set you on a fulfilling, lifelong path of culinary adventures and food DIY, and show you how to embrace the lifestyle that surrounds the 21st-century hunter-gatherer. It will make wild food accessible to you, and take away any sense of trepidation at making your first brew, burger or carpaccio. And if you're already a 21st-century hunter-gatherer, then it will help you to expand your culinary repertoire, taking your experimentation and enjoyment to the next level. A cookbook for those wishing to reconnect with nature and the source of their foodIncludes butchery guides and wild-plant indexesRecipes include wild meats, vegetables, sauces, sides, oils and cocktailsWhile there's no doubt the world is a very different place to how it was 10,000 years ago, some things have remained the same. We are still hunter-gatherers, just like our ancestors.

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