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Everybody loves a sausage. Tony Turnbull, The Times

Times magazine featured 6 recipes by Tony Turnbull using sausages, to elevate your comfort food. 30.01.2024
There is always a pack of sausages in the Netherton HQ freezer and often as not another pack in the fridge for a midweek supper.  They are a great basis to create quick and tasty dinners, often from store cupboard staples, from old school favourites such as bangers and mash and toad in the hole to Italian classics and Eastern European stalwarts.
Photo: Romas Foord 
In last weekend’s Times Eat! Section Tony Turnbull pulled out six of the best ways to enjoy your sausages and once again Romas Foord showcased a prospector pan, this time full of sausages with onion and tomato sauce.  Whether you are stove top frying your sausages or oven baking them, the prospector pan is the perfect choice.
Find the right size Prospector Pans for however many sausages you fancy here.  

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