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  • Re-seasoning service: Spun and cast deep oven casseroles and dutch ovens with lids.

Re-seasoning service: Spun and cast deep oven casseroles and dutch ovens with lids.

  • £42.00

  • Ex Tax: £35.00

Return your Netherton Foundry cookware to us for a full factory refresh.

We will restore your casserole to look and cook as good as new.
The casserole will be thoroughly cleaned and flax oil re-seasoned.
We will fit new oak knobs and brassware (if fitted).
The refreshed casserole will be sent back to you by courier around 14 days from receipt of the pan. 

Select this service if you want to return:

a/ Spun iron oven casserole bowls and Dutch ovens with lids made from Autumn 2019 to present day.


or  b/ Cast iron oven casserole bowl and lid made from 2010 until summer 2019

If you want to return several pans, select the number in the Qty box next to the Add to Cart Button at the top of this page
If you wish us to refresh a pan and lid click here. 
Our price includes the return delivery cost to UK addresses.
If you live outside of the UK please phone or email us for a quote. 
If you are unsure if this is the right service for you contact us at or ring us on 01746 862781

How to use this service: 

1. Click "Add to cart" button at the top of this page and follow the instructions to pay for the service.
2. Make a note of the order ID code which will be sent to you on an email after you have paid.
3. Pack your pan carefully in a robust box with plenty of packing. Ensure the handle cannot break out of the box and become bent and damaged.
Note: We can only take reponsibility for your pan, once we have received it, so please take care with this.  You may choose to insure it with your chosen courier.
4/ .Inside the box, please add a large clear note with the following information;  Your name:
                                                                                                                              Your return address:
                                                                                                                              Your Order ID number:  
5. Then send your pan to:
Netherton Foundry  (Re-seasoning Service)
Unit 4A, Newhouse Farm,
Tenbury Road, 
Cleobury Mortimer,
DY14 8RB,
Have you remembered to include your name and address and the Order ID code with your pan?

What do we do? What the service includes:

Once your items of Netherton Foundry cookware has been received at the workshop, we will give it an initial visual check.
Depending on the specification, we will remove the brass or steel fixings, the oak handle covers, knobs and brass rivets and then check for any damage to the item.
Your cookware will then be thoroughly cleaned.
The items are then blasted with clean iron shot. This is where the old seasoning is removed along with any food residue or rust spots that can’t be removed by hand cleaning.
After this the naked cookware will make its way to the oiling room, where our expert oilers will season it using our organic flax oil and bake it on in our high temperature reseasoning ovens.
Once out the ovens, the last step is to add the finishing touches. Using new fixings, we screw on new oak handle covers and knobs and add new brass rivets.
We will attach a new label so you have all the care instructions close to hand. Your pan will now look brand new!
Finally we will carefully pack your cookware and return it to your door via courier.

Important information and exclusions. 

This service is for Netherton Foundry black iron cookware only.
If you want to restore Netherton copper cookware please click here.
We do not offer a restoration service for other brands. However our iron product care information is  here, or give us a call on 01746 862781 for advice. 

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