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  • Crochta hanging stake and chain OPTION

Crochta hanging stake and chain OPTION

  • Product Code: NFS-359option
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  • £20.00

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Shropshire made hanging stake and chain for Crochta Pan © 

We have now added a simple solution to live fire cooking; the crochta stake and chain set. Simple to set up, easy to transport and store.
A convenient solution to spontaneous outdoor entertaining, bushcraft cooking and long day adventures.
May be used with 8, 10, 12 and 14 inch Netherton Foundry Crochta pans. 
This discounted hanging stake and chain may only be purchased when buying a crochta pan. If the stake and chain are the only items you need, click here. 
You can place the open fire directly on the ground if it is safe to do so and there is no chance of starting a forest fire.
Alternatively you can use the stake and chain in combination with our Black Iron Chapa Fire Table
Always ensure you have the means to rapidly exinguish the fire, this will probably be a large bucket of water kept close at hand. 
Hammer the yard long (98cm) steel stake about 6 to 8 inches into firm soil at about 60 degrees.
The chain has a simple hook on one end, this is attached to the swivel ring on the Crochta pan handle.
Then place the chain over the crook at the top of the stake, select the best chain link to give you the perfect pan height above the flames.
Adjust the pan height as the flames build and die down.
We firmly recommend that you only touch and adjust a hot stake or chain using heat proof barbeque or welding gloves.
When you have finished with the fire, always ensure it is fully extinguished and never leave an open fire unattended.  
Made in Britain.
PTFE & PFOA free - absolutely no chemicals, no plastic.
Pre-seasoned with flax oil for a natural non-stick finish
Constructed from 8mm thick heavy duty steel rod and 6mm diameter welded steel chain.


Stake:  Weight 1lb 4oz (0.55kg),  length 38½'' (98cm)     Chain: Weight 8oz (0.208kg),  length 38½'' (98cm) 

See how easy it is to assemble, light and cook outdoors on flames using a Crochta Pan on a Hanging Stake and Chain.


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