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  • Ebonised Black Replacement Oak Handle Covers for Iron Pans

Ebonised Black Replacement Oak Handle Covers for Iron Pans

  • £21.00

  • Ex Tax: £17.50

Ebonised Black Replacement handle covers

Shropshire made black ebonised oak handles covers for iron frying pans and saucepans 
For use with Netherton Foundry: 
  • Iron Frying Pans: 8" , 10" , 12", 14" and 10" & 10 1/4"crepe pans.  
  • Iron Sauce Pans: Milk pan, 6", 7" and 8"
  • Glamping pots and pans: 6", 8" and 10" 
  • Small baking and pizza peels.
May be used to up-grade Netherton Foundry Oven Safe Iron Pans (brass rivets need to be removed from handle).
Hand made from British Oak
Each cover is fitted with a solid brass insert and includes two brass screws.
The black ebonised oak is finished in hard wax oil which is long lasting & durable.
Remove handle covers for use in oven or grill.

Ebonised wood 

Ebonised hardwood furniture became popular in Europe in the late 1800's when it began to arrive from China. This black look was very fashionable in the Victorian age but fell out of favour in the 20th century. It has however recently been re-discovered as a durable natural finish.  Not all ebonising is quite what it seems, some is just paint or dye used to colour the surface black. At Netherton Foundry we use the traditional method of soaking our oak in black tea to increase the wood's natural tannin content. Then we stain the oak in a solution of iron and traditional vinegar (iron acetate). This turns the oak a deep black colour. The process takes about a week to complete. We then coat the finished handles in our wax oil.

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