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Using our slow cookers, fondues & Kitchen Companions in North America (110-120 volts)

Using our slow cookers, fondues & Kitchen Companions in North America (110-120 volts)

We are regularly asked if we can supply our Slow Cookers, Fondues & Kitchen Companions to the USA and Canada. The answer is yes, we can ship and regularly do, but we only have 220-240 volt models.

However we just received some very useful advice from Robes, who lives in New York. He is clearly a technical enthusiast as well as a self confessed Anglophile. He has researched and sourced a simple plug in voltage transformer that allows you to plug in your Netherton Foundry electrical heaters and use them on 110-120 volts.  We've not tried this model ourselves, but it does sound like an ideal solution.

Robe says......

after much research, I found out it was important that I purchase a more powerful converting box, and the one I got for my N.F. slow cooker is the lightest, and less energy consuming, and has excellent ratings. I have used it a few times already and I give it the thumbs up for anyone to buy.
They have it in all black or the silver and blue (which I chose). It is not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for.

LiteFuze convertingbox 2000 Watt Auto Voltage Converter Transformer - Light Weight - Step Up/Down - Circuit Breaker - Detachable Cord  $139.00 with Free Shipping


Thanks Robes, for sharing your research with us and all our North American customers.





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