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The Times: Genevieve introduces Fish & Fire in SCORCHED

Boom, boom, boom

SCORCHED is the latest book from Queen of the Coals, Genevieve Taylor and it brings the elements of fire and water together in a brilliant guide to barbecuing fish.  But, as she explained to Hannah Evans in the Times last weekend, with April the month of showers, you can easily retreat indoors as all the recipes in the book can be cooked in the kitchen.  “The word scorched  evokes really hot and really fast - boom, boom, boom and that is how you want to cook fish.”   The article goes on to address some of the most commonly asked questions about cooking fish, something which many people see as a daunting challenge.  Genevieve addresses these in clear, common sense answers and then goes on to share four recipes from the book.  These really are an appetiser and should persuade everyone that they should a) have a go at cooking fish and b) buy the book to try even more exciting and tantalising fish cookery ideas.
Photo credit: Jason Ingram
And if you are still feeling trepidatious, but really, really want to get started, then sign up for a day at Genevieve's  Bristol Fire School, we can guarantee that you will come away enthused, excited and extremely well fed!
As you can spot in the photos, Genevieve has a wide selection of Netherton cookware in her barbecue battery, including numerous prospector pans, equally at home outdoors and in and assorted chapas and griddle plates.
You can find all of our prospector pans here:
Photo credit: Jason Ingram
And the full gamut of fire cooking options here:   
The full Times article (from the 6th April 2024) is behind a paywall here. 
And you can buy the book here. 

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