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The Times: The good spud guide, the only six potato recipes you’ll ever need, served in Netherton pans.

Spud U Like

Only in Britain would we have a restaurant chain @Spudulike by James Martin devoted to baked potatoes. But having overcome our initial suspicion to this foreign interloper, which was introduced to these isles in the 16th century, within a couple of hundred years we had adopted them as a food staple and field crop; everyone was eating them!
On Saturday 7th October Tony Turnbull picked 6 spud recipes for Times Magazine EAT supplement, with the bold claim that these are the only ones you will ever need. We have to say that these all look delicious and we are very pleased to see both the 12” prospector pan and the prospector roasting tray put to good use and shot to their advantage by Romas Foord.
In his own words, Tony opens the feature with  “The humble potato.” It’s such a cliché, and I feel indignant on the tuber’s behalf. Majestic, versatile or just plain delicious all do it for me. Yes, you can enjoy it simply boiled or baked and anointed with butter, but add cream and cheese and you have a root vegetable worth celebrating. So here are six of my favourite ways to enjoy it. Health warning: the Robuchon-inspired mash will clog your arteries quicker than a cardiologist can say, “Next, please.” Potatoes, they are the most basic of food, but for so many of us the ultimate in comfort food or a favourite treat. Whether we are talking a baked potato or a bowl of mash, a packet of crisps or a cone of chips with plenty of salt and vinegar the humble, but versatile potato can undergo so many transformations.  So we loved that Tony had added elements of luxury and finesse to his recipes, making potatoes the star of the show rather simply the carbs on the side.
My Victorian Cassell’s Dictionary of Cookery, published in the late 19th century, includes 19 pages devoted to potatoes, we were particularly intrigued by the Trappist recipe for Potatoes for Pilgrims, probable cost 8d. (that’s about 3½p).
 But where are the chips, Tony?
Find all six recipes here.               The Times has a paywall but here's a link to a free trial.
 Photo: Romas Foord
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  Photo: Romas Foord
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