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The Observer: light up the dark days with Nigel Slater

Pander your parsnips.
Nigel Slater knows better than anyone how to see us through the early year’s dark and chilly days; as he says, “Cooking is a marvellous way of getting through the winter months.”
A honey glistened exterior with fluffy interior is enough to make you feel cosy and snug on a drear January evening.  And translated on to a plate, his recipe for roast parsnips with honey and ricotta is bound to brighten your day.  He suggests that these be served with slices of cold roast meat or baked flat mushrooms with tarragon and lemon butter, but we can imagine tucking into them straight from the pan!
This was one of several recipes by Nigel in the Observer Food Monthly last weekend, created to “light up the dark days” and was photographed so strikingly in a Netherton prospector pan by Jonathan Lovekin.
Read the recipe in the Observer/ Guardian here 21.1.24
Nigel used a Netherton Foundry 10" (25.5cm) Prospector pan for this picture.
10" (25.5cm) Prospector Pan: spun iron, double handled, oven safe

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