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Nigel Slater's midweek dinner: Sweet potato & bacon frittata for pancake day.

Midweek meal magic by Nigel Slater. 11/2/24
In a week that encompasses both Shrove Tuesday and Valentine’s Day, Nigel Slater has created a “midweek dinner” for the Observer magazine, which could readily be dished up on either occasion. He describes his sweet potato and bacon frittata, cooked in an 8” prospector pan, as a “pancake of sorts”, which his savoury tooth would prefer to a traditional lemon and sugar pancake.  To be honest, we will make sure to leave room for both on Tuesday. And we also think that this would gladden the heart of your Valentine for a breakfast treat on Wednesday morning; a sophisticated take on bacon, eggs and hash browns you might say!
We will, of course be marking the recipe for midweek dinners too, because as much as the recipe is tempting, that photograph by Jonathan Lovekin is irresistible.
Find Nigel’s recipe in the Guardian/Observer on-line here.
And the full range of prospector pans here. 

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