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Easter Eggs and we are not talking chocolate: Good Eggs by Ed Smith

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Or at lunchtime, dinnertime, any time?
Photo credit: Sam A Harris
We can guarantee that Rocket & Squash Ed Smith has come up with ideas that you have never even dreamed of for cooking that most versatile of ingredients, the humble egg. We can buy 30 free range eggs for £10 from our local farm shop, giving us absolutely no excuse not to try the 100+ cracking ways to cook and elevate eggs from his new book Good Eggs, published by Quadrille.
Let’s see what’s in store - we say omelette, Ed says “Tamagoyaki; Ugandan rolex; Khai jiao” And as he says, “dippy eggs and simple soldiers are superb…..BUT once in a while it’s worth taking things up a notch.” Which leads us tantalisingly to Dippy Eggs with tempura soldiers. Because eggs are surely the ultimate convenience food, being quick to cook and coming ready wrapped they are often the go-to meal base here at Netherton HQ as much as they no doubt are in many kitchens. And so we are thrilled with Ed’s description of one recipe as having a “particularly good flavour-to-effort ratio”, perfect for mid week dining, when you want output to exceed input!
We are also particularly pleased to see one of our frying pans on top of the stove in his recently renovated kitchen. 
And on page 16,you can see a detailed description of why he has chosen our pans in which to fry his eggs.
So let’s cracking and try out some of Ed’s recipes and watch how the yolk's on him when his son is not eggstatic about a foil wrapped book:
You can order the book here
And find all of our frying pans, for however many eggs you are cooking, here.

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