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Diana Henry, The Telegraph : One (Prospector) pan luxury

Highs and lows

For everyone who owns a copy of From the Oven to the Table, it’s a well established fact that Diana Henry knows all about maximum impact for minimum effort.  Her latest recipes for the Telegraph magazine (30.9.23) are for one pot dishes that are high on autumnal produce and low on washing up; celebrating the “labour-saving, flavour-boosting, heart-warming power of the one-pot dinner.”
Diana Henry at her London home. Photo: Andrew Testa
As she points out, “….. the concept is ancient. Cooking a meal in a single vessel hung over fire is what you have to do if that fire is your only source of heat. As soon as there were pots, there was one-pot cooking.  It’s about the efficient use of energy…….one-pot cooking might be a ‘trend’, but we’ve been cooking like this for centuries, and not just because we can’t face the washing up.”
There are three super recipes, all of which are going on to our must-try list, but we are particularly thrilled to see the Cheddar-crusted cod cooked in Diana’s prospector pan; the one that featured on the cover of From the Oven to the Table.
Photo: Haarala Hamilton
Find all the recipes here, there is a paywall but you can sign up for a trial subscription.
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