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Cook, eat, repeat - the new book from Nigella Lawson

Update 23/12/20 : Click here to watch the Christmas special of  COOK,EAT, REPEAT on BBC iPlayer.

There is washing up in the sink, the laundry basket needs sorting and the bathroom has to be cleaned.

But all of that can wait; first of all there is coffee, a slice of date and walnut cake and Nigella Lawson brand new book Eat, Cook, Repeat to be savoured.

For the next hour, there will be peace and quiet and immersion in a sea of words, drifting from time to time to the buoys of Jonathan Lovekin's delightful photos.
And tonight at 8pm and for the next 5 Mondays (9/11/20- 12/12/20),  we will be tuned in to BBC2 to watch Nigella prepare a range of recipes from the book.
We love how she questions and defines "What is a recipe?"  it is, superficially such a simple question, but recipes carry with them so much more than lists of ingredients and sets of instructions. They carry history with them, they link us through geography, the echoes of past lives and strong emotions are ever present and they also present us with new opportunities, the chance to explore the new, while savouring the old. A good recipe is also a story.
Nigella sums this up thus:
"The recipes I write come from my life, my home. They tell a story, that story is mine; I could not tell another's."
We can't wait to hear more of that story, as the programmes unfold.

In the meantime, when you thought that lockdown had put paid to banana loaf, just look at this fabulous new chocolate, tahini and banana loaf, cooked in our 1lb loaf tin.

And we have a personal message from Nigella, which simpy says "I love that loaf tin".

Further proof of that love was demonstrated on episode 2 of the BBC2 series, which has launched to coincide with the publication of the book.  We watched, entranced, as Nigella made her sandwich loaf in our 2lb loaf tin

Click here to buy a copy of : Cook, eat, repeat.
Click here to find out more about Nigella. 
.....and click here if you want one of the bread tins Nigella uses in the recipe. 



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