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The Times: Hannah Evans has used cauliflower to create 6 of her top veg meals in our Prospector pan.

Cauliflower - one of several vegetables in the species Brassica oleracea, with edible white flesh sometimes called "curd".
We once wrote about the white out meal cooked by Sue’s mum which included cauliflower in white sauce, boiled potatoes and cod.
But things have moved on since the days when the only embellishment the cauli was likely to get was a cloak of cheese sauce, this versatile veg has had something of a makeover and is popping up in many a guise in cook books, restaurants and now in the @timesandsundaytimes magazine.
Hannah Evans has used cauliflower to create 6 of her top veg meals, including an up to date version of the classic cauliflower cheese.
She also introduces us to another take on the cauli and cheese dream team pairing in a cauliflower and paneer curry, and a whole roast cauliflower “to be brought to the table to carve, like a giant green bauble”, both cooked in a perfect oven to table 10" Prospector Pan.
The brilliant food photos are by Romas Foord.
Read this recipe article in full on-line in THE TIMES here.      
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