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Mandalay - Recipes and tales from a Burmese Kitchen


Mandalay; recipes and tales from a Burmese Kitchen by MiMi Aye


This book was published last year and we have to admit to being late to the party.  But so glad we made it.
A new cookery book has to have that certain something to earn a place on our groaning bookshelves, something to lure us in, to entice us to turn the pages, beguile us, intrigue us, tantalise us.
And this book does all of that.  It is more than a recipe book, it offers history and geography, both physical and social, customs, traditions and religion, a glimpse into the lives of MiMi's Burmese family, including UHmat, her great, great grandfather, who was known as the Ruby King of Burma, detailed descriptions of ingredients and equipment and, of course, recipes.
Lip smacking, taste tingling recipes, beautifully photographed by Cristian Barnett.  Many of these have already been bookmarked, so keep your eyes peeled across our socila media for our own attmpts to recreate these dishes. Click here to purchase this recipe book. 
But it was as we leafed through the pages, that, to our surprise and delight, we came across recipes cooked and presented in prospector pans. 
The book has been fabulously styled by the talented Matt Inwood, who had brought his own pans with him and who refused to part with them, despite MiMi's pleading.
MiMi used a Netherton Foundry 10 inch prospector like this for several of her recipes.
Have a look at the complete Prospector pan range here.

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