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Asador 44 Cardiff

When you are of recently pensionable age (how did that happen?) and the restaurant for your birthday dinner is 2 hours’ drive away (Central Cardiff), that dinner booking needs to be early evening. And if that 6 o’clock booking is also on a damp Tuesday, there’s an underlying fear of a cold, empty venue with the sound of cutlery on crockery echoing across the void, the sound as penetrating and disconcerting as a dentist’s drill.
But in the safe and welcoming hands of the staff at Asador 44, all concerns evaporate as quickly as rain on a hot pavement.  Quickly seated at the table of our choosing, with a cheerful “Happy Birthday”, we settle down to peruse an intriguing and appetite whetting menu, whilst enjoying a cocktail and a zero alcohol beer.  Like I said, it was a long drive home and the designated driver was well catered for, meanwhile that Seville Spritz took sherry to dizzying new heights. 
Did we choose Asador because we had seen it on the telly? No.  Did we go to see if we could catch a glimpse of their collection of Netherton pans? Partly.  Did we go because we had met Owen who owns the restaurant with his siblings?  Maybe. But basically we went for the food. I mean, that’s the only reason for choosing to eat out when it comes down to it, isn’t it?
The photos don’t do it justice, but when do amateur phone snaps in subdued lighting ever show off restaurant plates to their best advantage, but you are going to have to take my word for it that each mouthful was sublime.
Each of our choices, ticked on the menu, was exquisitely presented and perfectly cooked.  The flavours and textures were harmonious, tantalising and perfectly judged.  This was a real treat and I hope that the other tables that quickly filled up and buoyed the atmosphere were also celebrating, even if it wasn’t a birthday, anniversary, but simply Tuesday!
You may question a 200 mile round trip for a few plates of food, but my word, that journey was worth every mile.  Would we go again? Absolutely.
Find out more about Asador 44 Cardiff here.
Asador 44 featured in Channel 4's "Remarkable Places to Eat,
hosted by Frenchman Fred Sirieix and English rose Thomasina Miers. Watch on YouTube here.
Here's a link to see more of Owen Morgan , Chef / and joint proprietor of Asador 44 , ........ and.... @owen-morgan44 on Instagram.
Owen uses Netherton Foundry Prospector pans at the Asador group. 

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