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Jay Rayner Eats at the Acme Fire Cult

Acme Fire Cult, London: ‘A really engaging dinner’, a restaurant review by Jay Rayner 

From the blackhouses of Skye, to the kitchens of stately and baronial homes  like Castle Menzies and  over the fires of folks whose lives are not rooted in a single spot, the pan designed to hang over a fire and cook dinner has a long history. Our crochta pans were conceived when Harry travelled from Norfolk to ask us to make him a pan, just like the one his grandmother used. And now a new chapter is being written for the crochta, amid the flames and embers of Acme Fire Cult – it’s been a fascinating journey from a crofter’s home on Scottish islands to a wood fuelled restaurant in the heart of London.  We have no idea what the original users of the crochta pans would make of Andrew and Daniel’s food, but we suspect, like Jay, they would be impressed.


Photos by Sophia Evans
Find out more about Acme Fire Cult, see the menu and make a reservation here.
Follow Jay Rayner on Twitter @jayrayner1 and have a look at his website here.
We were delighted to see Andrew and Dan were using their 12" Netherton Foundry Crochta Pan, originally designed to be used hanging over a fire, these pans are equally at home on the hob.
Netherton Foundry makes 8, 10 , 12 and 14 inch Crochta pans.
All Netherton black iron pans are suitable for fire cooking however here you will find the Crochta and glamping pans. 
Sue from Netherton interviewed Andrew about a project he ran during the COVID days of Spring 2021, click below to watch.

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