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  • Foolproof BBQ: 60 Simple Recipes to Make the Most of Your Barbecue by Genevieve Taylor

Foolproof BBQ: 60 Simple Recipes to Make the Most of Your Barbecue by Genevieve Taylor

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Foolproof BBQ: 60 Simple Recipes to Make the Most of Your Barbecue by Genevieve Taylor

Foolproof BBQ by Genevieve Taylor from Quadrille Photography ©Jason Ingram
Everyone loves to get the barbecue out on a sunny day – but how often do you end up with blackened steak, raw chicken, or collapsing veggie kebabs?
Never fear – Genevieve Taylor, BBQ and live-fire expert and cook, is here to solve all your barbecue problems with 60 foolproof recipes to make your summer party a sizzling success!
With clear, simple instructions on how to set up your barbecue for failsafe cooking, what fuel to use, and how to prepare your food, Foolproof BBQ makes outdoor cooking a breeze. Genevieve offers up 60 recipes for meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and even sweet puds for the barbie. With a photo for every recipe, and step-by-step explanations, even a barbecue novice can make a feast to remember. 

Genevieve shared this recipe from the book with us. 

Foolproof BBQ by Genevieve Taylor from Quadrille Photography ©Jason Ingram
A ‘smash’ burger is just what it sounds like: you
crush balls of burger mixture onto a hot surface,
creating lots of irresistible, crunchy edges.
2 tbsp olive oil
2 shallots, thinly sliced
200g (7oz) can sweetcorn
(corn), drained
a good pinch of chipotle (or other)
chilli flakes
12 slices smoked streaky bacon
600g (1lb 5oz) beef mince
(ground beef)
250g (9oz) Cheddar, sliced
sea salt and freshly ground
black pepper
To serve
4 brioche burger buns, sliced open
a handful of lettuce leaves
You will also need a chapa or heavyduty
baking sheet and a cloche or
large metal bowl (see pages 8–9).
Fire up the barbecue ready for direct cooking (see page 9).
Set a chapa (see page 8) onto the grill bars (or improvise
using a heavy-duty baking sheet), directly over the fire so
it gets really hot.
Once it is hot, pour in the oil, add the shallots, sweetcorn
(corn) and chilli, tossing to mix. Lower the lid and cook,
stirring 1 or 2 times, until the shallots and sweetcorn are
lightly charred, about 10 minutes. Scoop into a bowl and
set aside.
Add the bacon to the chapa and grill until crisp, then move
off the direct heat and keep warm.
Divide the mince (ground beef) into 4 even-sized balls. One
at a time, place the mince balls on the hot chapa and use a
spatula to firmly press them down to form burgers 1cm (1/2in)
thick. Season the burgers with salt and pepper and lower
the lid.
After 1 minute, flip the burgers over, season the other side
and top each with a spoonful of the sweetcorn and onion
mixture followed by the cheese slices. Place the lids of the
buns on top of the burgers. Have the cloche (or large metal
bowl) at the ready then sprinkle 2 tbsp water onto the chapa
around the burgers and quickly cover with the cloche. Cook
for 2 minutes. The steam will help to melt the cheese and
soften the buns.
To serve, place a few lettuce leaves on the base of each
bun, followed by 3 bacon slices. Use a spatula to slide the
burgers, complete with lids, onto the burger bases, scraping
up any loose crispy bits of cheese and sweetcorn and
tucking them into the bun. Eat straightaway while piping hot.
Makes 4  
Direct Cooking

About the Author: Genevieve Taylor

Genevieve Taylor is a food stylist and author of eleven books including Charred and How to Eat Outside. She writes regularly for Olive and Sainsbury's magazines, is the co-chair of the Guild of Food Writers and has co-presented Radio 4's The Food Programme. She is based in Bristol where she runs the Bristol Fire School, the go-to source of information on all types of live fire cooking. 
When she’s not cooking with fire, Genevieve can usually be found outside walking her dogs in the woods, growing a few good things to eat on her Bristol allotment or listening to rather a lot of music.

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