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  • Bennett & Dunn cold pressed rapeseed oil 250ml. Shropshire grown, use for frying, roasting, baking & drizzles

Bennett & Dunn cold pressed rapeseed oil 250ml. Shropshire grown, use for frying, roasting, baking & drizzles

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Bennett & Dunn cold pressed rapeseed oil for cooking 250ml

We can only ship this item to addresses in Great Britain.
This discounted oil may only be purchased when buying a pan or cookware item. If oil is the only item you need, click here. 

100% British - Low Food Miles and only 9 miles from Netherton Foundry. 

Netherton Foundry has selected this quality oil, as we think it gives great results with our iron cookware. Shropshire chef, Chris Burt recommended this oil to us and we agree that it can't be bettered. Perfect for frying, roasting, stir-fries, baking, salads, dips and drizzles.  

Bennett & Dunn cold pressed rapeseed oil is produced by husband and wife team Rupert and Tracey Bennett.

Rupert, who has 30 years' experience farming in Shropshire, takes great pride in producing a superior quality product. The rapeseed is cold pressed, triple filtered and then hand bottled by Rupert on the farm. Our oil is GM free, gluten free and our production process is chemical free, this ensures our rapeseed oil retains all of its health benefits and delicious flavour. It's full of natural goodness.

Bennett & Dunn Rapeseed Oil has a gentle, creamy, nutty flavour.

It can be used as a healthy alternative to olive oil for marinades, dipping and drizzling.  It also cooks at a higher temperature without effecting the many health benefits, character or taste, so is safe to use for you and your family every meal time. Unlike olive oil, it is also ideal for roasting, baking and stir-frying.This rapeseed oil is safe to cook at a high temperature with a burning point of 230c.  It contains no artificial preservatives and is trans-fat and GM free.  No heat involved.  No additives during filtering. No petro chemical solvents.

Better for the environment...

At Bennett & Dunn they look after the environment by farming in a responsible way.  They provide good habitat for insects, small mammals and birds by preserving and planting hedgerows,  maintaining ponds,  building beetle banks and creating wild flower field margins.  
The well being of pollinating insects is crucial to the success of the rapeseed crop.  A local bee keeper has sited his hives on the rapeseed fields, ensuring a good harvest enabling Rupert to produce our delicious oil. By buying Bennett & Dunn rapeseed Oil you help our environment and support the British countryside.

Healthier Choice

Cold pressed Rapeseed oil has the lowest saturated fat content of any culinary oil and less than half that of olive oil.  As a nation we still consume too much saturated fat which can lead to symptoms such as high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease. Cold pressed Rapeseed  oil has been shown to help reduce such symptoms when combined with a balanced diet. Rapeseed oil is rich in Omega 3,6 & 9 and is a high source of vitamin E.  Latest research shows Omega fats are essential for heart health, general wellness and to help maintain a healthy immune system.
Look out for the Bennett & Dunn offer available with many of our pans. This gives the option to purchase the oil at a much lower delivered price. 

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