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Cooking with the spun iron, black iron and cast iron cookware every day.

First use.

You can use them straight from the box.
Simply wash in hot water. 
Do not use soap or detergent. 
Immediately dry on the hob or in the oven on a low heat, if you use a towel it my leave sooty marks, from the initial seasoning, this is normal.
You will see small specks of black on the pan surface when new, these are traces of cotton fibre that has been baked on during the seasoning process as we use washed cotton to apply the flax oil by hand, this is normal. 
For best results we recommend that you give all cast black and spun iron bowls, lids, pans, cook and bakeware an extra seasoned coating before first use.
You can do this by following the instructions below re-seasoning at home, or watching the videos above.
The more you use the cast, black or spun iron and carefully follow the care instructions, the better the seasoned coating will become.

Cooking every day.

Pre-heat the cast, black or spun iron as this will reduce food sticking.
Avoid cooking food that is very cold as this is more likely to stick.
Remember a hot iron will retain heat for a long time.
Always pick up cast, black or spun iron by wooden handles (if fitted) and use oven gloves.

Acidic Foods.

Additional care is required when you cook recipes containing acidic foods, (eg: tomatoes, citrus juices and recipes containing vinegar or wine).
We suggest that you re-season before using these foods.
The high acidity of these foods may create superficial rust if they have insufficient seasoned coatings.
Don’t worry if you see any rust appearing after cooking one of these recipes, please follow the instructions for re-seasoning your product and it will soon be back to as good as new condition.

After cooking and storing food.

Remove cooked food from pre-seasoned cast, black and spun iron bowls, lids, pans, cook and bakeware immediately after cooking and before the food cools.
Cold damp food will encourage the cookware to rust and you will need to re-season more often. 
Seasoned iron-cookware is not suitable for storing wet or moist foods.
Do not store food in iron cookware in refrigerators or freezers.

Cleaning pre-seasoned spun iron, black iron and cast iron cookware.

Never clean the cast, black or spun iron bowl, lid or pan in a dish washer, unless you plan to re-season your cookware.
Don't place, when hot into very cold water, this might cause it to crack or warp. 
After use, clean the bowl with a stiff plastic brush and hot water.
We suggest that you do not use soap or detergents unless you plan to re-season your cookware.
If you find that some food has stuck, place in boiling water or boil water in it to soften stuck food.  
Immediately dry with a towel.
Never allow the bowl, lid or pan to stand and air-dry as this will encourage rusting.

Storing spun iron, black iron and cast iron bowls, lids, pans, cook and bakeware.

Store in a dry airy place.
Don't store with lids on, as this can trap moisture and encourage rust.
Your oven is a great place to store your iron cook and bakeware, just remember to remove it before turning on the oven.

When does your spun iron, black iron and cast iron cookware need re-seasoning?

If your iron cookware is used and cleaned following the instructions above, re-seasoning will not be required very often. 
It will need re-seasoning when:
* Food starts to stick to surface.
* There are any areas of grey metal showing,
* It has been placed in dish washer / washed in detergent.
* The cast, black or spun iron has not been dried and spots of rust have appeared.
* It has a metallic taste or smell.  

Netherton Foundry Re-seasoning service, We'll make your iron cookware as good as new!

If you don't have the time, or would just like factory fresh looking cookware, we can do this for you at Netherton Foundry for a reasonable charge.

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