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Autumn cooking by Nigel Slater in the Observer

When we think of autumn fruits, the default is apples, pears and quinces - made into crumbles, pies and other sweet treats.
Savoury cooking evokes thoughts of what to do with pumpkins and squashes.
And we forget that grapes are a seasonal fruit, available in varying levels of taste and sweetness all year round, flown in from the Southern hemisphere.
But some varieties, grown in our half of the world are coming into their own right now and have a depth of flavour way beyond the average supermarket offerings.
And there is so much more that you can do with grapes than wine, obviously, and eating them straight from the fruit bowl.
This recipe by Nigel Slater and published in the Observer magazine combines the intense fragrance of cooked grapes with the comfort of roasted chicken pieces.  He cooked his in a prospector pan and we think it looks and sounds splendid - autumn in a pan.
Photo: Jonathan Lovekin
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