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A bung it in the oven cook - an interview with Diana Henry

From the Oven to the Table is the latest book from Diana Henry and is, without a doubt, our kind of book.  Take a bunch of ingredients, a pan and an oven and produce a delicious meal - what more could you ask?  These recipes are ideal for mid week dinners, when time is not on your side, your brain is a little frazzled, parents are beset by afterschool issues like football club and homework, and the last thing you want to do is spend hours preparing dinner.

These recipes take care of themselves, so you can take care of yourself.  But that doesn't mean the flavours are simple - anything but.  You will be rewarded with dishes of quite literally, gob smacking deliciousness and complexity. 


You can read more about the philosophy behind the book, expressed far more eloquently by Diana than we can do justice, in this interview with the Irish News

Recently Diana was interviewed by the USA based pod-cast, THE SPLENDID TABLE

They say:  As we move into fall, our pull to the oven grows stronger. Cooking in the oven is not only soul-warming, but it happens to be a real time-saver. Food writer Diana Henry has spent nearly two decades traveling across the globe for culinary inspiration. However, inspiration for the recipes for her latest book, From the Oven to the Table, began much closer to home -- with her oven. Diana spoke with contributor Shauna Sever and shared two of her favorite recipes for chicken thighs:


And if you fancy the prospector pan seen on the cover, you can buy one here.



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