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Our News

Title Date Added
Rachel Roddy 29/12/2023 View
The winning Christmas tree picture and lots of the entries in our Netherton bauble competition 24/12/2023 View
Dinner with American food writer, Nik Sharma 27/11/2023 View
The Times: Hannah Evans has used cauliflower to create 6 of her top veg meals in our Prospector pan. 09/11/2023 View
BBC goodfood: Netherton Foundry has best overall skillet pan 03/11/2023 View
The Table, hosted by Olia Hercules and Joe Woodhouse and featured in the FT Weekend Magazine 31/10/2023 View
Pimp your pumpkin! Tony Turnbull, The Times 30/10/2023 View
The Times: The good spud guide, the only six potato recipes you’ll ever need, served in Netherton pans. 10/10/2023 View
Countryside magazine THE FIELD features Spun Iron deep oven casserole 06/10/2023 View
Diana Henry, The Telegraph : One (Prospector) pan luxury 02/10/2023 View
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