Friends of Netherton Foundry

This is the place where we have the chance to mention our friends. 
People who are creating exciting products, offer a wonderful service,
or are just doing something we admire.

Chef Chris Burt

   photo: copyright Shropshire Star 2017

Chris Burt, made his name at the Peach Tree and Momo-No-Ki in Shrewsbury. However Chris is never being one to rest on his laurels, and as well as heading up the culinary team at The Mytton & Mermaid, Atcham in Shropshire, he also works as a consultant development chef for Finnebrogue Artisan in Northern Ireland, creating new dishes and flavour profiles for premium UK food retailers.He is currently working on projects with Luker chocolate in Columbia alongside industry food magicians MSK Ingredients.

Look at Chris's latest work at

Natalie McVeigh, IOShen Knives

We believe all kitchens should be equipped with kit that does the job the best it possibly can and that is certainly the case with Natalie's knives.

Hers is a company run like ours, with a genuine love of her products and a passion for service and customer care.  These are knives like no other, from a truly original individual, whom we adore.

What's more, not only will she provide you with a superb blade, you can have it tattoo'd so that no-one is in any doubt that it's yours...

Just a take a look at ours.....


If you want the knife your cooking deserves, get in touch with Natalie, whose advice in selecting the right tool for the job is second to none.

                                                                 Click here to see the IOShen Knives website

Sam Gray,  Middle Farm.  Author, publisher, smallholder, pig breeder, supplier of rare breed pork.

                See Sam and her pigs in our Youtube video 
                Buy some of Sam's rare breed pork and have a look at her luxury great holiday cottages
                Sam's publishing business
We got to know Sam originally as a supplier of really special pork sold only to a very select number of restaurants in Shropshire.

Now she's written a book, "Doing it in Wellies" which is her account of making a lifestyle choice and deciding to run a smallholding. Not a guide or a how-to manual, her book takes the reader on a no-frills journey and offers an insight into Sam’s fabulous, manic and often unenviable life. Women who care more for Prada than pig-pens will enjoy it. People toying with the idea of bailing from city life will learn from it. And those wanting a good read and a bit of escapism will enjoy curling up with it and getting lost among the hay and fallen apples of Middle Farm.

Sam is a person that you want to talk to. Someone you ask what she’s been up to and wait eagerly to hear her response, because nothing is what you might expect for this mother and wife living in the Shropshire Hills.

Miss South 

Based in South West London, with the world at her fingertips due to the global range of her local market and the city beyond and a grocery budget  small enough to be found only with a magnifying glass, Miss South comes up with the most amazing recipes.  
We loved working with her, offering her fantastic book, Slow Cooked as a competition prize and highly recommend you check out her blog for great recipes and engaging       writing.


John Joyce, otherwise known as the Ice Cold Chef

John is a real inspiration, learning to cook when his beloved wife Bev was diagnosed with MS and was no longer able to dish up the delicious dinners he'd become used to.  John is now putting his new found skills - and what skills - to good use, not only feeding the family but raising funds for charity and putting together a charity recipe book to inspire others in his predicament.

We wish John and Bev all the very best - thank you, Bev for passing on your talent to John and thank you to John for sharing them with us.

Read more on facebook  or follow him on Twitter @John1827Joyce 

Marcus & Jenny Bean owners of the Brompton Cookery School, near Shrewsbury.

Marcus is a regular chef on ITV’s This Morning, he's cooked for Holly Willoughby & Phillip Schofield and other presenters on the show. He’s appeared on Good Food’s “Market Kitchen”, Channel 4′s “What’s cooking” & “Drop Down Menu”. Food Network’s Christmas special with Matt Tebutt & Lisa Faulkner. A real celebrity.

....but we know him as a great chef and an inspiring teacher. At the Brompton School of Cookery they are equally at home with "expert foodies " wanting to add that extra professional touch or encouraging beginners (young and old) who are taking the first tenative steps into the kitchen.  

Brompton are great supporters of Netherton kitchenware, they know that our pans can stand up to the odd bit of rough treatment that might occasional occur in cookery school!   Click here to treat yourself to a great experience at the cookery school.    

   cookery courses


Phil Leverington ( AKA The Demo Chef)

A champion of all things local. Teaching and demonstrating the art of real cooking using great local produce:

Have a look at what Phil's doing and conatct him through   Tel  01751 798278        Mobile  07773 903307

Watch Phil Leverington, The Demo Chef prepare Rose Veal Sirloin Steak using a Netherton Foundry Cooking Iron :

Phil uses the cooking iron for both meat and veg in this short and entertaining recipe video.


Rachel Frost Pottery  

Great hand thrown ceramics with striking, bold images of the Ironbridge and the local area.

We are working with her on some limited edition tagine lids. 
You can have a look at her work on    


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