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Val Stones develops baking sheet with Netherton Foundry

Val Stones develops baking sheet with Netherton Foundry

Val Stones develops baking sheet with Netherton Foundry

At the Ludlow Food Festival in September 2017, Netherton Foundry met VAL STONES, the cake whisperer and the undoubted star of the 2016 series of The Great British Bake Off.

Val told us about an idea she had for a heavy duty baking sheet.

She wanted it to stay flat in a hot oven and most importantly, have a bit of thermal clout to ensure well cooked bases for her baked creations. 
Also Val felt strongly that many existing baking sheets are very difficult to get hold of when using oven gloves, we agreed.
At Netherton we always relish a challenge, so we set about producing a baking sheet that would meet her requirements.

Sue from Netherton Foundry tested the first model with the shortbread biscuits seen here a couple of weeks later.


 Val got to use the working prototype shortly after and sent us an Instagram “thumbs up”


....and here's the finished product. 

It's made from 2mm thick, heavy duty black iron; that's twice as thick as regular supermarket baking sheets.
It's big enough for your big bakes, a generous 15 inches wide by 13 inches deep (38 x 33 cm) 
The handling lip on the front is 3/4 inch high, so it is easy to grab with oven gloved hands. 

Netherton Foundry is now making the first batch of Val's baking sheets, 

If you want more information or to buy a baking sheet click here

When you buy this baking sheet we donate £2.00 to the MS society

Val and Netherton Foundry will each donate £1 from every sale of this product (purchased on the Netherton Foundry website) to one of Val's favourite charity: MS Society, the UK's biggest multiple sclerosis charity.



Find out what Val Stones is baking, doing and walking. 

Val's website.         twitter @valstones         

Val is a great charity walker.  In October 2017 she completed a very arduous section of China's Great Wall in aid of NSPCC and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. You and help and join in here.

Check out her walking and baking exploits  on Instagram @valcake.walks

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